How fair is a FAIR ?

How you do you check the nature of a person ? May be by spending sometime with him / her or may be you have heard a feedback from someone or may be you just click with the person in an instant….are there any other ways to know how good / bad natured a person is ? Well,come here and i’ll tell you a simplest and easiest way of knowing that….

Simply check whether that person is fair,good looking and posses a great personality ! Phew…all checks done and here is your good natured person !

Don’t agree with me ? Oh c’mon..that’s the way people do it na…no ? Me too thought alike you and I was amazed with the people’s thinking…they think what all matters is good looks and thats that… What the hell are you going to do with those good looks if the person turns out to be an arrogant soul ? Some real life instances that I came across:

A girl-who herself is pretty and fair- rejects a boy-a suitable boy who is educated,from a strong family background,nice people in the family,rich and moreover very nice human being-why ? because he is wheatish in complexion !!

An ordinary looking man-who is now famous and on screens every now and then-has a wife-who is a doctor and very intelligent but is not fair or good looking-is being discussed as to how did such a famous man got married to this kind of woman.

And why blame people for what they think…it is because of the gimmicks that our marketing guys play to woo the buyers and make sure the audiences start believing in and giving importance to the fairness count rather than education count,which in-turn increases their sales volumes of fairness creams and lotions !

Why can’t people come out of their stupid beliefs about ‘good looks’ and ‘fairness’ ? Isn’t education and family values important in a human being ? 


22 thoughts on “How fair is a FAIR ?

  1. Hmmm. I wont blame the marketing gimmicks entirely. It is the attitude of people that has to be blamed. There are so many advertisements pushing so many products but not all sell like the fairness creams do. This has been happening over ages in India, the way people are judged according to their skin complexion.

  2. so true Scribby…my grandpa(very fair) used to make my grand ma(very dark) walk 10steps behind him when they went to their village. she cud walk with him in the city though. (she was more educated and earning more than him)if that was the past, even today things have not changed largely. and they say other countries are racists :/

  3. …Exactly… people are kinda obssessed with outer appearance these days…I remember one of my female cousin's parents rejected a proposal just because the guy's parents weren't good looking!Ufff there r plenty of examples :DNo one realizes that inner beauty is what counts!

  4. OMG!!such an important topic!Really complexion shouldn't be the measurement of FAIRNESS… education, and family is more and more important….I am with your view Nupur…and new theme is more easy to load 😉 I use dial-up connection you know… so pathetic to load some pages where so many images 😀

  5. People for whom complexion is a measure to decide anyone's likeability or personality must be real hollow. It shows the extent of a person's limited thinking. Marketing gimmicks aside, this thinking is not new to our society. In India anything 'white' is considered superior. Wasn't that one of the reasons why the Britishers found their way in our country??We need to look beyond the obvious and take a person for what he is. For, who's fair outside must be the darkest soul on earth and vice versa.

  6. @G: Yeah,sweetheart and me first at your blog 🙂 Party time 😛 hehehe..this commenting first has really made us kids again…and it's cool :)@Celestialrays: I'm so sorry to hear that honey..that is awful !@Rest Alll: I agree,it's the age old dogma which has blinded our society !

  7. such a shame thing this is,Scribby..and the fairness creams sell because the peoples mindset is so…so we cant totally blame the marketing, like G says…people have to change the way they view things…you would think education would help, but even some v well educated people do the same thing…so not really sure..

  8. I'm with G…I don't think it's because of marketing fairness cream ads that people have the mentality…I think it's the other way around. Indians have generally held that attitude that fair is better and the companies such as Fair and lovely have such capitalised on that. Lighter skin is associated with elitism…with not needing to work out in the fields and therefore being of an upper class. It's a topic that gets my goat every time especially given that I'm dark skinned. I don't care about it. The funny thing is, the 'white' people (anglo backgrounds) in Aus love our skin colour! Funny family story…one of my uncles had a criteria that he only wanted a fair skinned wife…that was his only criteria and he got one. In fact, she could sometimes be mistaken as a foreigner…she is that fair skinned. But she is a total bitch and I reckon the only reason they haven't divorced is because of the 'shame' on the family and probably because there's no point any more given they have been married for about 30-odd years. Our society is totally effed up when it comes to skin colour. And what I find hilarious is we are the first to cry foul about racism when that is exactly what we are doing within the country. Oh…and who is the person in your second example? Is it a true one?

  9. shallow people, I say…. My god! I would run miles away from people who think this way. These fair n lovely ads have taken too much tv space in their minds. Oh! my god. Then we wouldn't have loved Micheal Jackson, or America wouldn't have elected Prez. Obama (not that he is the best!ha!) Buy her some M&Bs….tall, dark handsome hunks!! (not that I recommend that myself. phew!!)Ashes

  10. Oh! we have these silly groups of women around, who only talk to fair women! can u beat that!!! I won't even waste my breath on them! 😀 They can go fly a kite.

  11. @Suree: Most of them are and the examples that I have quoted in the post are real life. Also if you read the other reader's comments you will find that our society still differentiates….@PB: Uncle's story is really sad…felt bad ! But usually most of these kinds of relationships end in this way only..can't help ! The second example is from my distant relationship…just heard it few days back 😦 Sad na ?@Neha: Yeah, I remember you post and that I had commented too on the same… I know it's really awful that we still have people around with shallow thinking 😦

  12. gori bahu chahiye apne kaale kalute ladke ke liye – it all started from there…all need a fair match…sick mentality..btw, I have taken up the tag you tagged me for…do check it whnever u get time…tc 🙂

  13. A nice topic…I could write a huge thesis on this particular topic!Its just the problem with Indians I say.As i always say a 'typical Indian mentality'I second PB as she rightly pointed out 'the white' people in England or Scotland actually loves the wheatish complexion more than they love their fellow 'whites'. 😀

  14. I felt sad and bad when you said that these are real life incidents from lives of people known to you or even related to you.I agree with lot G and PB in the fact that the whole trouble is in the mindset of the general population. Blaming advertising industry alone isn't right. Though the advertisements as you rightly pointed out, fan the beliefs prevalent in the society.Judging people on the basis of skin color rather than their merit is definitely a modified form racism.Excellent post on a debatable issue.Keep writing Scribby.Cheers!!

  15. Scribby, I've been getting the special 'you are so dark' treatment since childhood. The most recent was from MIL when she saw my pics before marriage," Oh but she is so dark for you" she told her 'fair' son.

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