Very important thing to share…

I had a written a post few months back named ‘Dil Hai Chota Sa..Choti Si Asha‘.. It’s been a long long time that I wrote this post…on July 4th 2009.

On 14th November when I logged into my blogger to check the reader as well as the comments on my blog this is what I found along with some genuine comments. 

I was surprised to see such a comment on my blog. This is awful.Earlier I had heard about people leaving nasty comments but had never experienced it. And now it is here.. !

How can we stop all this ? Just plain and simple ignore ? Reject the comments ? That’s that ?  

šŸ˜¦ No wonder there are lot of people who don’t want to disable ‘Approval of Comments’ on their blog ! May that’s the way we can reject these comments !! But why-o-why people like this ‘Anonymous’ get into these acts ? What do they derive out of it ? I really have no idea whatsoever ! BAH,BAH,BAH !!!


19 thoughts on “Very important thing to share…

  1. sure is tough. I believe the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who intrude into the lives of others and grudge them their happiness.

  2. spam, eh?? its autogenerated by some geek…and the virus keeps spreading. thankgod it doesnt do any harm to ur blog…but yeah, its a pain!!

  3. This is something like spam mail…no matter how much you try to regulate,delete or ignore it somehow finds its way in your inbox. Comment approval seems to be the best way to put a check on this.

  4. useless people doing useless things…keep moderation on, i would suggest dear…so that you can reject them and not give them any attention …hugs!..having a fun vacation?

  5. Oh boy! That is spam. I think this typically happens if you havent logged onto to your dashboard in many days.Anyway, all you can do is ignore.

  6. Don't bother dear and simply ignore such comments…not worth wasting time and emotional bandwidth fretting on them.Enjoy your vacations šŸ™‚

  7. Hey don't worry…they're spam. Probably auto generated. And I get them too, time and again! Theses buggers have to sell too, only they find the wrong audience mostly!

  8. It wasnt so bad before…but now I hear many bloggers complaining abt it. I just press reject and move on. The thing I've noticed is tht they dont publish it on the latest posts….thank goodness for tht atleast:-/

  9. hey nu .. got here from Psych Babblers blog .. and this is the first post I read. seems to be auto generated junk. Usually done by some bot ( the best way to guard against em is to install some sorta captcha ( platforms like wordpress have better captcha system u can use the normal one on blogger .. that will help .. adios ..

  10. Tnx all ! Had been away on a vacation so could not ans your comments properly..but now I'm back and all your comments will be responded for sure !Joel,welcome to the blog šŸ™‚

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