A reason

Have been trying to control the emotions that got a boost by the pain. I was aware and prepared for all of it but when I actually faced it…grrr..it was so bad that I could not control my cry..the tears bedazzled in my eyes..and I clutched the arms of the chair with applying all the force I had in me ! But the voice of her around me was so caring that it let me carry on for those 30 mins of the dental treatment !

Here her means my dentist. I had visited her 4 years back for the RC treatment of another tooth and it was mind blowing expereince with the doc. We became friends in no more than 2 sittings and rest of the sittings were amazingly enjoyable-despite of the cruel treatment that I was undergoing !

Today I visited her after the 4 years gap and to my surprise she not only recognized me but she had clear memories of what all we used to talk and all that. I honestly thought she would take at least a minute to remember my face and then once she’ll recollect she would give a smile and an expression of having an old patient coming back to her..that’s that ! But, she did exactly the opposite of this…remembering to the extent that she also told me that she used to like one my salwar-suits a lot and do I still have it or discarded…. !!

I’m glad. Why because she being a doctor,a very successful doctor,gets so many patients day in day out..and four years is a big time ! For me it’s only one doc to remember but for her there are 100s of patients..but she has everything stored scathless in her memory disk !

After that usual catching-up chat we moved to the disgusting task..the treatment ! And now for next few days I’ll be undergoing this pain-a forced one-since I did not pay attention to my dear tooth when it ached for that first time !

But on the other hand I’m glad that I met the doc again and that she is perfect in handling the tooth.She keeps talking to me to take my attention away from the terror ! Some people really make things better.. !  I’m glad to have met her 🙂

You know what’s crossing my mind right now ? Only one feeling…
After every happy holiday you will find something to be gloomy about !  
And I just got my reason to feel pensive 😦


16 thoughts on “A reason

  1. Going by what you say, she sure must know the intricacies in your molars pretty well ! I am sure the treatment will go off pretty well !! :)And yes, some people make a big difference. By their just being themselves !

  2. you mentioned sometime back you have this RC session with dentist post Ganpati and now it has come finally. :)You are taking pain killers I presume. Hope you feel better soon.I have come to conclusion that good dentists are like boons and they are definitely keeper. 🙂

  3. I am very scared of Dentists. I always ask them to do their work on me by giving me general anaesthesia and they never oblige!I know how it feels. I hope you are okay now.Vivek

  4. You reminded me of the time when I was getting braces. My dentist was the same darling like yours is,God bless her! She was always very kind to me and always warned me in advance if the sitting was going to be painful. Indeed, when I ran into her after few years she remembered me,and complimented me on my teeth!I think all dentists are seasoned players. They know they inflict unbearable pain upon us, and just to make up for it they cushion us with that sweet tongue of theirs 😛

  5. Doctors and shopkeeepers always rememebr their patients and customers respectively:)Why pessimistic attitude? i always think that there is always a silverlining behind the cloud:)

  6. Lovely template Nu:)) so fresh n green:)))She's a good people's person hain na, wow! wonder what she has for her daily dose of memory boost:)))RC's can be really painful, in my case, the anesthasia never works, until I get injected some 10 times to be numb…..tk,

  7. hmmm you r lucky to get a find a dentist like that… My dentist is an old man, who scolds me for not taking care of my teeth well.. of course its becoz of him, i made a habit to take a dental check up foe evry 6 months.

  8. It's amazing the impact some people have on your life, eh? I really like these kind of people…that are very thoughtful and somehow remember you very well. Good luck with the tooth treatment!

  9. Nice template :)Btw, doctors (all fields) love me…as it's patients like me who keep their shops running! Lolz.But yes, it's comforting to ahve a caring doctor and one who has attentive ears and soothing words to offer! Glad you got one:)

  10. @BM: Surely ! Good dentists are for keeps 🙂 And thankfully there is no pain so no pain killers for me ! @CR: Tnx a ton 🙂 Oh well what did you do to irritate your dentist :P@Kavi: Yeah,thankfully the treatment is going on pretty well.tnx :)@Varsh: Hahah. I like this point of view 🙂 They are nice because of guilt :)@Antarman: Yes, I think I should not look for the pain side but for the positive side of this treatment..that I'm able to meet her again 🙂 And yes, how rightly said..shopkeepers too will remember the loyal customer life long :)@VP: Yes sir ! I'm absolutely alright :)Tnx !@PnA: Oh sweetie !In my case the anesthesia works well 🙂 And yes me too loved this fresh green very much, I'm glad you lieky ! :)@Suree: Indeed I'm,tnx :)@PB: Yes,its' true. Some people really make a difference and leave an impact for life long 🙂 Tnx 🙂 And why are you so late to comment 😦 You lost your first rank !@Neha: LOL neha ! Hope you are keeping fine ! Sure it's a best thing to have a doc who is caring 🙂

  11. It is so nice when we feel comfortable with our doctors and dentists. I hope your RC treatments have been sucessfully completed . I am possibly in running for Queen of Root Canal, if they ever have such a competition. And luckily i have always thought my dentists (children's and mine), and doctors were excellent. My children second that, and there are some amazing stories with dentists when the children were small. maybe I will do a post on that one day….:-)

  12. "Some pains are physical, and some pains are mental, but the one that's both is dental."- Odgen NashPoor you! Hugs! Thankfully your doc is trying to minimise your mental pain. 🙂

  13. good dentists are so rare..my previous one was a nightmare, but the current one seems ok…hugs to you, hope you are all better now.

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