Sensibly Insensible


14 thoughts on “Sensibly Insensible

  1. Loved the oxymorons.Sensibly insensible sounds good.I agree all three of the ad clips were totally senseless.Keep up the good work.Cheers!!

  2. Too good…actually has me laughing too!…And there are so many more! A chocolate drink gives you more stamina than Sachin, a fairness cream makes you an award-winning actress… and have you ever seen those tele-shopping ads…they are THE BEST!

  3. Love the new look on ur page.Nice take on the ads… Yes, I have one.. Have u seen that stupid ad of the pandas and gems! I mean what the hell are they trying to convey. It is so stupid that I don't even want to try and understand anymore!

  4. Oh I just love oxymorons…sensibly insensibe sounds good…here's more.. horribly attractive…cutely irritating…Ads are very funny indeed. Fair and Lovely use karo…and a literally black looking girl/boy suddenly turn into a dream!@ Neha: I'd written a similar blog on tele-shopping. You might enjoy..

  5. whatabout that juhi chawla's chotta version in a kurkure ad, n that zandu balm ad the mumbai indians are advertising for!!… But I love the new DOCOMO friendship express ad, the music and the feel of it, also Siddharth's walk in talk prank idea ads:)))Sensibly insensible:))

  6. Hehe…I like Sensibly Insensible. I couldn't see the videos though but will take your word for it… Can't think of any ads at the mo…esp since I'm not in India…

  7. Hey wow! I just dropped in after some time and I see a superb refreshing look here! Awesome Nu :)Sensibly Insensible – ha ha ha Nu 😛 Nainital's after effects 😉

  8. we may find them sensibly insensible, but what i think is they have done it knowingly… their main aim is let the people know abt the brand.. be it this way or the other 🙂

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