Status of the Message on SNS

‘Status messages’ made way into our lives so strongly that we couldn’t stop them.We have accepted them totally and thoroughly. It’s like brushing teeth that people put the status messages daily and change them as frequently as possible šŸ™‚ No harms in it and this post is not on cribbing about SM. I also belong to the same category šŸ˜› but since I have noticed something regarding status messages hence this post ! [haha.. just need a tiny reason to make a post!]

So,the question in point is-Does your status message sell like a hot cake on SNS (social networking sites) ? Not getting me? Okay,take an example.

I posted this message yesterday on FB:A MUST WATCH VIDEO ! A PROUD MOMENT OF INDIA!

Guess how many comments or thumbs up I must have got ? Only 1 thumbs up !

Okay now look at this. I posted this message on FB sometime before:1,2-Buckle my shoe….. 3,4-Shut the doorAnd I got 6 comments on this.

There are so many other status messages that, I noticed,have received so many thumbs-ups and comments. For example on the gtalk when I had put a message like this “Very happy. A friend gave a good news”. People,an entire lot of people,on my gtalk list pinged me asking who is this friend and what is the news about OR a message like this on FB “Ready to bid good bye to FB and Blogging” got 10 comments.

I don’t mind.I don’t mind at all. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that- people take loads of interest in things which might not be so important for them..but when tagged with status messages like “A must watch video..proud moment for India” people give it a damn. I just fail to understand why !

BTW you guys don’t forget to watch the link :P. It’s superb,really !


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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