Its time to rub our hands in glee

We have something for you, dear MTBs
Little baby’s on the way,
Getting bigger every day,
Two tiny feet that will wave in the air
Two tiny hands that will tug at your hair
But before that there is some work for you.

The best we can do, is give you a clue!

Hugs! You’ve come this far, but there is a little more to go.

In finding the next stop, you have to be subtle, real and slow.
It’s the susurrus of her soul that makes her the queen of everyone’s heart,
That’s where you will get to know the remaining part !

Good work there, you are one step close.

Take a bow and move on to the next composer.


23 thoughts on “DHAN TA NAN….

  1. Heya Nu! This is so very cool :)That pretty girl in the red n white frock on the previous clue was you? Arey, that almost matches the baby girl in my dreams! :DThanks for making it so special for us MTBs..can't tell how thrilled I am!Have covered 15 links so far…and looped back to Chandu's. Am told there’s more to go and am kinda stuck ..but, will try some more 🙂

  2. Hey What? either you are having a baby or starting a new project..tell tell:)This new colors of you blog look very good.

  3. guys, Nu told me, she has got knocked up :Dsorry Nu, I cant hold it anymore :)congrats girl! i am sooooo happy for u

  4. Okay over and out now !!! Sorry to disappoint you all who think that I have a news to give you all..well yes you are reading it right…IM NOT CARRYING..that's the fact ! This all happened due to some funnily evil souls *coming with a gun towards you naughty girlies* LOL I insist..please do re-read the above post and you will get to know that this is just a part of the riddle constructed for one massive baby shower that us bloggers had planned a day ago for 6 MTBs

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