Wisdom at peace !

Wow! What a look. Fabulous.Relaxing. Don’t you just feel like jumping on it right away? Leaving everything behind and just lying down? Well yes! Anyone would want to do it right away,hai na?
Now if you haven’t guessed already let me show you the real picture. This cozy & comfy looking chair comes with some accessories as well. Yes! and these look like:

Now tell me will you still want to get onto it? Gee… I know! No not at all!!The most dreading treatment of lifetime is dental treatment.
If you remember, sometime back I had expressed my fear and gathered all your best wishes before kick err…in this case box starting my dental treatment by my very dear dentist! So now! I’m done with it! Over and out!!

Hey don’t try to reach your mouse at the top right cross.That’s not it. Yes how could I not come up with a story to share about the entire process!
What appeared earlier was not what actually it was. It was my wisdom tooth [of course I have wisdom teeth, what do you mean by this expression?] which was aching. My dear dentist thought she could save it and should save it somehow. After all extracting it would be a loss to my otherwise nice white pearl series. So she tried and yes giving her all the credits she tried hard to save it. But my tooth was arrogant and adamant and had decided that it wants to leave me at once! Poor me and my dear dentist! Finally today, both of us gave it up…Aah…It really gave me a hard time! Bammash!
So today I’m at loss. I consider this as a loss though it is said that the wisdom tooth generally gives problems and has to be extracted. Moreover it is not used in chewing the food anyways so why even try to sustain the pain! I really cried. Not because it hurt…not at all. Actually it hurt… at the wrong place. I mean the heart! I’m a bit [??] emotionally weak person and if I will lose even an eraser which I held dear for a long time I’ll shed a tear or two for that! And this was my tooth! My own part! Of course, I’m going to miss it.
At 29 I’m at loss of wisdom *frowning*. And here comes a lot of pain with this loss-physical as well as mental. But I’m still being nice to you Mr. Wisdom T! I don’t want to curse you because you gave me bad time and hence wishing you a lot of peaceful and resting time whichever trash bin you will reach. 


16 thoughts on “Wisdom at peace !

  1. just take it easy buddy… not just this.. dont feel pain for any loss… ofcourse u will get to know once u loose a big thing in ur life…. all the best…:)

  2. Ouch…must have hurt, huh!!! I have gotten 2 of them removed….my 3rd molars. They were healthy but were troubling my cheeks. It was like uprooting an oak tree…[shudder, shudder]. U tek care!!!!p.s: U've been awarded:-)!!!!

  3. awwwwwww… Given such an emotinal girl you are, You should have kept that tooth under your pillow and should have waited for the tooth fairy (read HP)to give you money. 😛

  4. Arre … u lost that li'l wisdom u hd too :(But seriously, my prayers always include an application that I never will hv to go a dentist in my life …. its toooooo scary :POgden Nash's Vicious Circle is so apt na 😉

  5. Ouchh…Thats pains :((( … take revenge…. go punch tht dentist and break his teeth too…. u'l feel nice.. i swear 😉

  6. Very funny, Nu :)Hope you were not in so much pain with the extraction! I've been putting off my dentist for a couple of year now, he wanted to get it out too!May your wisdom tooth rest in peace… whichever bin it rested in…

  7. You know, they say a man begins cutting his wisdom teeth when he bites off more than he can chew!!May your wisdom pearlies rest in peace 🙂

  8. @Comfy: Yea! Yea! Make fun of me..you too :(@BM: :(..you too ?@Suree: What ? Do you want me to go through a big loss in life? Oh why buddy?@Antarman: Yeah,sure 🙂 Now I feel much better !@UK: I know…LOL ! But a nice thought here UK !@Reflections: Yes dear. It hurt very much ! Yeah shudder even at the thought of it!@G:Tooth fairy to give me money ? Oh because the tooth fairy here is HP :P@Swaram: Ya,Ya!! The little wisdom if gone too !! 😛 Hehehe..seriously..may god never give you any wisdom [teeth] so that you don’t have to go to a dentist :)@Meira: LOL Meira :)..yeh tumne mujhe pehle kyo nahi bataya !..And yes great minds think alike on great blogs,you see! ;)@Dido: Hey Dids! No re infact that dentist is real sweet soul..she really helped me! It was my tooth’s fault only :(@Celestial: YAY !! You are my best friend!! You likey less wise NU!!@LIR: Oh yes, it’s quiet better now.The dentist gave me nice pain killers which really killed the pain ! Hey don’t delay your dentist visit too much…get it done once you pop out the bub :)@AD: Oh is it AD? But I really didn’t chew extra,sacchi!!

  9. aww Nu…hugs…my wisdom tooth pain started a while ago, but has stopped too, thank god. so don't have to get rid of it just yet 😀

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