[P]Yarr Impossible !!

With not-very high hopes I did go to watch Pyarr Impossible in the theater. I knew I was not watching this movie for anyone but Priyanka. But hey she disappointed me as well. She did so much over acting and tried to show herself hip and all that. Oh why Piggy chops? You are originally cool so why pretend to be? And hey I really didn’t understand what was Anupam Kher doing in such a crap movie? Gawd…I won’t even consider this to be judged or ranked.

Just few questions and I’ll be done with spitting all the anger that has gone to my head!!

The movie starts somewhere…and then goes somewhere else and comes back to the present and then ends like a rosy fairytale-against all the odds. Tell me one guy in this world who would become a nanny just for the sake of love? And not just that but a nanny to the daughter of girl friend and her ex-husband…And that’s not all. Cleaning, washing, cooking and even serving the one who is wanting to snatch away his girl friend !hai koi mai ka laal jo yeh kaam kar sakta hai???

I need to know the companies in Singapore which offer jobs to the college drop outs, like really not studied even the usual 10+2, a lavish hip job which serves the person a big nice bungalow and all the unnecessary stuff which creates a rosy-out of this world-lifestyle? And can afford the nanny at tipple the actual rate of nannies! I want to join one please…I promise I’m a genuine MBA!

Which guy would spend all his 7 entire years after one girl when he doesn’t even know where she is currently? If this guy exists I want to meet him and salute him!

Which 6 year old daughter on earth talks to her nanny or anyone like this?

Daughter: Do you love my mum?
Nanny: You should not talk about these things…sleep now.
Daughter: Offo, tell me na. I can help you in that.
Nanny: Astonished! Hmm…Well…
Daughter: What well? Say it loud if you love my mum.
Nanny: Yes I love her.
Daughter: Okay! That’s nice. I’ll help you get my mum!

Which big companies, when launching a product live, with 100 cameras and news channels airing the launch, allow the employee to mingle with some geek on stage… like you know the propose talk and all that? Oh forgot!! It had to be like that because papa dear [Anupam Kher] has to watch it sitting in India! Ohhhhh!!! Hmm wise thought Mr. Jugal!

And boss with “3 idiots” making super entry and the sustenance power that it has I’m sure no one’s gonna look at PI! Today being the first day of the run there were mere 30 people in the whole wide 500+ seater Audi. It said it all the moment we entered. Entire show the husband was giving me such a look. Yeah, it was me who forced him to go with me instead of him trying all the excuses to not go! God! Wasted my 500 bucks…could have spent it on some needy or on myself instead! 

Not that there are no over reactive things shown in other movies. Yes there are good movies also where things turn quiet unrealistic at some point of time. But that’s that. The movie doesn’t lose it’s essence man! Here it seemed like the essence of the movie was nothing but fakeness. So that pinches and is unacceptable. What did YRF think before taking this story forward? Or I should put it like this: Did YRF even think before taking this project up its sleeves?

1 brownie point to Dino. At least he was his own self. Though I would still not say that he has improved or something like that. But he was okay.

One and only best thing about the movie is the dialouge and the way Piggy Chops says it.Instead of the usual F word or a beep they have come up with this

“Shut the Front door”

Just an IMPOSSIBLE movie to digest and I hope you guys will not make the mistake that I made!


9 thoughts on “[P]Yarr Impossible !!

  1. Yahi hota ha jab bade baap ke bete kuch karte hain:) Uday chopra looks so ugly and still he wants to be a hero.so his father makes another film for him and since he can look good only as a servant, his character becomes a nanny:)..and the children mouthing those dialogues..yuck.

  2. I feel terribly sorry for u. I would never go to a movie with that star cast. I am sure Yash Raj has no go but to cast his son who is terrible at acting. He puts me off real bad.But 3 idiots was a riot!!! a must watch!

  3. Lol nu… we warned u ..dint we 😉 …Uday chopra is impossible… his acting is impossible…this movie is impossible… grr

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