Happy Times are here again :)

The New Year has brought so much fun in life and good amount of relationships! Family front-it’s rocking as always.Career front-It’s getting better by each day [post about it in few days].
Special mention about the friends… Virtual blog friends here! I’m glad that I met these 15 ladies here in blogosphere whom now I can call my friends instead of fellow bloggers. My partners in fun and masti!

It all began with the planning of a lovely virtual baby shower for 6 MTBs. Started by Revs and concluded by all of us in tandem. Interestingly the stats are astonishing and I must share them here.

16 ladies,6 countries,1850+ emails,18 days,1 massive baby shower, 6 pregnant women…Loads of fun, confusion, food talk, leg pulling, Bollywood songs, laughter and at  the end 1 jhakkas DTN group !!!

That’s how I can put all of it in short! Not to forget, in this entire process me, D and Chandu almost were tagged as pregnant!! Courtesy: Some naughty ladies from our own group 🙂

But we rocked and we thoroughly enjoyed. A good way to put an end to the year 2009 and a grand welcome of year 2010!

Looking forward to more such fun and chain emails girls…here’s to our friendship and DTN group!! 

For all the credits and applauds do check this.


12 thoughts on “Happy Times are here again :)

  1. Hey! Thanks for putting up the logo in the side bar!! 🙂 N wow! what fun to host a virtual baby shower. I was reading D's blog the other day n actually thot she was pregnant.. n then I realized that its a puzzle trail!! Cool!! 🙂 Keep dropping by! N hope to see ur entry for the arsty craftsy too!

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