Finally [??] Welcome !!

Okay friends…after lot of contemplation I finally have a blog at wordpress. Change is the constant thing that we all know. After almost 3 years of blogger usage I’m drifted to worpdress so much so that now I actually own a blog here.

I had seen lot of blogger friends making this move and actually being happy about it.Letting my secret out here: I too tried it few months back but then I miserably failed to understand the dashboard itself 😦 okay go ahead and laugh at me because I did the same 🙂 LOL. and left the idea of moving since it seemed so very difficult. Dear Blue Mist offered help too but me remained adamant and told myself that I will not change my loyalties.After all Blogger gave me a  platform to start my first blog ever !

Few days back we 4 blogger friends started a new book blog Bond with books. And since then I’ve used wordpress and you know what? Yes…it all seemed so good and easy ! Really 🙂

Fir Kya ! decided to make the much awaited move and now here I’m ! I hope all the love and responses that Randomness at blogger got Nu’s Utterance will get it all and more 🙂 So happy beginning of  the new blog in the new year !! How newness is that !! LOL

Do let me know how’s it looking…also let me know if I need to work on something which I have missed 🙂


68 thoughts on “Finally [??] Welcome !!

    1. YAY finally 🙂 Thank you for making me feel at home 🙂 and yes I’ll need the handholding some times.. 🙂

      Oh yes coming coming 😛

          1. about how to.
            1. in your dashbaord; click option tools.
            2. Click on import.
            3. Select the blogspot/blooger option.
            4. follow the steps.
            5. you have your old posts and comments from blogspot blogs to WP.

            and why are n’t the comments getting aligned ?

  1. Nu, can’t believe you moved! Hmph from me too! Not happy! 😦

    Like I posted on your blogger post, you will miss changing the templates. Can’t do that on free WP apart from the basic WP templates.

    1. and hey I can change the header image as and when I want 🙂 That’s much better an option I guess…also the widgets are easily I’m glad abt it 🙂

  2. Welcome to WP!!! the place looks super cool, fill out the About Me soon… I’m waiting 🙂

    All the best with this blog and hope you capture as much randomness as you wish in this place too…

  3. WoW! congratulations on the big move 😀
    I’ve been trying to do so since so long. I even created a blog on wordpress and haven’t had the heart to move it all.
    I am in love with my template at blogger or may be it’s my excuse to being used to to blogger.
    You never know when I might finally make the big move 😀

    Good luck with WordPress 😀


    1. Hey thanks CB ! Me too thought too much because of the blogger templates and all that…but now I’m pretty fine with WP as well 🙂 Come over soon,waiting !

  4. everybody should change to WP from blogger.

    reason no. 1 to 100- u can see all your comments on other WP blogs and their updates. it’s really difficult to remember all the posts you have commented and go back and check. subscribing to comment updates is even worse.

    reason no. 101- WP has animated emoticons in all themes 😛

    (Welcome to wordpress and yes i got ur new feeds ;))

  5. BM & Nu, the comments are not getting aligned because by default WP has comments with 4 level of nesting. And I think that is what Nu has right now. And so as you are replying to the same comment the rest of the comments are showing at the bottom.

    Nu in order to increase the nesting..
    Setting -> Discussion -> Enable threaded (nested) comments ‘4’ levels deep..change 4 to the value you want.

    1. are nahi nahi..there was a change in settings in between..but now all is well 🙂 and I liked the idea…Maher and Sasar 🙂

  6. Hey Hey !! Two days I went offline and you migrated here? Not fair !!

    Ah wordpress is sooo easy! Ill be able to jump and comment quickly from now on ! 😀 😀

    Will look forward for your posts!

    I liked Randomness more than Utterance 🙂

    1. hey yes so much changes in such a small while na ? well you not likey utterance ? 😦 But I’m sure the posts will make you like utterance 🙂

      Yeah now you can hop on for 1stt here too 😛

        1. 🙂 Good Qn Mattie 🙂 But you see I can change the header and make it the way I want to without disturbing the widgets…much easier na ? 🙂

  7. Now I get it!!
    I missed this post… 😦
    it is looking awesome 😀 WP always provides some special features than other blogging platforms….

    welcome to this world.. though we have been friends for long time. I am welcoming to wordpress platform 😛

    this blog is looking great. I liked more ur blog name myexpositions
    now what?

    ROCK ….ON !! 😀 😀

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