Life’s not that bad,eh !

Do you believe  that your happiness is in your hands ? We as human beings are complex in every which way.We are almost impossible to understand.To experiment. Like wise when one human being-a complex human being gets entangled with another complex human being-what do you think the result will be? A complex relationship,isn’t it ? That’s how technically it looks like. But going deep inside we realize that human beings are not that bad ya ! We have emotions and feelings and we do love and care at times!The question is not about these times.

The question is about the times when we just want to hate and not care and not think about the other person involved.And we all know that these times do come into our lives for sure.Reasons being the circumstances,people and our own mental state.

For a change let’s forget everything and remember just one thing that our happiness depends on us. If we want to give importance to trivial issues in our lives and remain unhappy about them-so that’s what we will be-the unhappy souls !

But if we decide that we need to be happy,live and love all that has been offered to us by life then what do you think the mental state would be ? Of course we will be doing much better than our sad-unhappy state,isn’t it ?

I liked the dialogue made in ‘3 Ididots’… I know you have seen the movie but still quoting the conversation here:

Aamir: We just need to tell the heart that ‘All is well’ and then see !

Madhvan: So? All will be well just by this?

Aamir: No! But we will be in a better state to face the situations..rather than being unhappy and crib about it!

I liked the way it is presented. Yes,our heart listens to what we say or tell it.If we want to be happy it will be happy! So,this Sankranti I ask you to do a favor to yourself!

Just tell yourself that all’s well and things will surely fall in place !! Life’s much better than we think it is ! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Life’s not that bad,eh !

  1. Hmm…interesting but unfortunately, this brain of mine needs a lot more than ‘all is well’ the feel better. It needs to stop thinking the way it thinks…and that’s the hardest part…I need therapy! 😦

    Happy Sankranti! 🙂

  2. By the way Nu, how come your comments are the other way around? The most recent comment is shown on top while the first is way down…it’s not good for the ego of those of us that try to comment first 😛

  3. Oh I believe tht too….70% of it is in our hands, 30% ofcourse cd be external circumstances. But I’ve noticed that most people dont make any effort to stay happy. Crib, crib and make their and other people’s lives miserable 😦

  4. nice blog 😀 you moved to WP too, yay!

    happy sankranti Nu, belated.

    happiness is in our own hands, but sometimes just saying all is well doesn’t work 😦 i’ve tried…oh well, maybe i didn’t do it right 😛

  5. hey dear , thats so true,, i alws follow it…we all try to complex the mattersa lot…and we keep cribiing abt it….but should nt be the approach….watever Amir said was correct…we can lighten the complexities by our tools of handling it….waise bhi Geeta mein likha hai…”jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai”….rite

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