It happens

You are now more excited to wake-up and get ready for your daily walk.

You are happy at heart and don’t crib much that you have to leave the coziness of the warm bed and the quilt that covered you for past 6 hours.

You are no more just glued to the ear plugs which pour your favorite music while walking but you walk with a naughty wink or a loving smile.

You return home feeling not only fit and fresh but merrier too !

You look forward to every morning and smile before going to sleep each night.

this happens when the hubby joins in for the daily morning walks with a promise of being regular and keeping it  🙂  !! I’m so enjoying the walks now..

I personally feel that since there is always crunch of time..quality time..couples should indulge in something which interests them both for at least 3rice a week or on weekends..say some sport or gyming…it helps to build the relationship-since you get to talk and discuss more-it also works as a stress buster and finally at the end of it you are fitter in any case !


14 thoughts on “It happens

  1. I like that suggestion. I look forward to our morning cup of coffee together and sometimes I have it just because it’s such a lovely excuse to be together in the early morning rush of pre-office hours. But walks is something my husband refuses to accompany me on 😦

    1. That sure is a must to do…the morning cuppa no matter how busy we are,right? And hey my hubby too was a bit no-no earlier for morning walk…but now he has taken it up seriously…guess you will have work towards it a bit more 🙂

    1. You are late in marking your attendance..this is a morning school lady 😉 And where is the absent note ?? LOL

      Go go show TS this post may be then he will leave his PS3 😉

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