Novel Writing

3 months back I had decided that I’ll write a book.A novel.A fictional work basically. I did start writing also. Initially there was a confusion as to whether it should be a long story or a collection of short stories. After talking to some people about books and what majority of the public wants to read I came down to the conclusion that people-majority I mean-like to read a long story rather a collection of few short. So, finally started writing a long story…did write some 2-3 chapters and then I realized that it’s just not taking a good shape. I thought may be because I’m a first time writer and that’s why the expert flavor of writing is not coming in. But then I gave it a serious thought and then I realized that book writing doesn’t happen just like that. It’s like growing a plant which gradually becomes a tree over a period of time. 

3 things,according to me,are very important for the same:


And needless to mention that all the above are missing in my work currently. I need to be more focussed and regular at writing and once these two are attempted I’m sure I’ll start nurturing the story as well.I don’t claim that after applying these three rules I’ll be a successful writer. But I’ll surely rank somewhere in the starters,right? After all, you are there to read my book for sure,I know that šŸ™‚ 


8 thoughts on “Novel Writing

  1. Wow! that sounds like my story to a great extent :)I too feel the urge to write a novel someday. I sometimes write fiction stories on my blog in an effort to try my hand at writing fiction.I totally agree with you on the need to be able to focus on what I am actually going to do with the story.Good luck with your efforts Nu :)Off course we'll love to read a novel written by you.Keep up the good work.Cheers!!

  2. any doubt abt that…. Keep going… I would add determination and perseverance also…. with ur list of 3 things…My motto in lifeI can do itI will do itI must do it… there ends all the laziness and lack of interest and all the sundry reasons.Go ahead and be at it… and way to go Nu, :)))

  3. what majority of the public wants to read You are writing for your own pleasure(because you want to write …you are loving it) or for being a most celebrated writer????????????

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