The Notebook & Nu

Had to wonder why did I stop doing what I loved doing some years back..and found no suitable reason…just plain and simple excuses of not having time for something which is in-built in me and I have did some best things in the past…then why now I seem to be over occupied and with what ? I felt a bit sad about it..but then just sitting and feeling sad won’t serve the purpose,will it ? So, I decided told myself that I will get back to it now…and will attempt to continue with it..without giving reasons !

Okay what am I talking about all this while,right ? I’m talking about my pencil sketches that I used to do some 15 years back and suddenly left..conveniently thinking that I don’t have enough time 🙂 But as someone wise has said that even the famous people like Einstein and Newton had only 24 hours in a day like we do ! 😉 If not Einstein I can at least be a normal average human being doing possible thing which I like 🙂

Have uploaded some of my sketches at my other blog Nu’s Utterance. 


One thought on “The Notebook & Nu

  1. Cool! I like what you said about Newtown and Einstein having 24 hours in a day. I thought that made sense…until I questioned…did they really have a work-life balance? I mean, did they follow hobbies? 😛 Sorry…didn't mean to make you question it as well… 😛

C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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