She and Him-Cure

Something is telling me,that I need not scream or shout or yell !
It’s also telling me that I need not ring the bell !!

I tend to look at your face which is looking pale,
I want to hold you and tell you that life is a fairy tale !

I know not even for a second you would believe that,
Since it is you who always introduced me to the fact !

I wipe my own tears and am determined to make you smile,
So what if we are not together today,we intend to go-on a long long mile !

I’ll see you around the next corner,where you would be waiting for me,
And I’ll hug you and tell you that life is now better and glee !


22 thoughts on “She and Him-Cure

  1. that is very well written and expressed are a good writer, make wonderful sketches, a soon to be novelist and poet..which other hidden talents you possess?

  2. Wonderful poem Nu 😀
    Loved the way you wrote a full story in few poetic expressions 🙂

    I love this gorgeous green template too 😀

    Have fun and keep up the good work :D:D


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