An interesting comparative study !!

A comparative study of a maid and a female professional who could be you,me or anyone.

Please note this study is generic and totally based on experiences and observations AND this outcome is based on my maid being absent today!! Grrrr…Take Light and read on !

Maid-One day prior intimation OR Send a word OR Not even a word about being absent.
Professional-Apply for the leave in advance-wait for boss’s approval [who usually will nag] OR Have to call in sick and even sitting at home have to receive those calls from office.

Maid: She can join in and leave at any moment she wants to !
Professional-Have to give prior notice and then do the rounds of exit interviews,formalities and wait for the relieving date.

Maid: She doesn’t need any experience / qualification certificate.
Professional-No one will believe that you are an experienced professional if you don’t provide the experience certificates. And qualification? Ahh…MUST !

Boss’s Status:
Maid-She doesn’t let you boss her-Never !Of course she will drop things right at that moment and exit !
Professional-Has to follow the rule number 9 [even with gritting teeth sometimes]-‘Boss is always right’ 

Perks / Bonus:
Maid-She demands it all the time even if it is Sankranti or Holi or a 15th Aug ! All speical national days are her days ! Above this if you hand over some saree which doesn’t match her taste she will not be happy and won’t perform well for some days at least !
Professional-Perks and/or Bonus time and amount is fixed ! No more arguments or scope for negotiations !

Performance Appraisal:
Maid-NA. Irrespective of her performance she gets her monthly salary and at the year end since she has been so loyal she demands a raise..good amount of raise that is !
Professional- No matter how well you perform your boss will always add a comment “can do better” and cut your ratings somewhere to lower your appraisal amount.

Maid-Doesn’t matter if you are hit by recession.Her salary can’t be stopped/cut down whatsoever !
Professional-Company will tell you that you are so much part of the family and hence when the family is struck by recessionista you have to co-operate and hence no promotions and no hikes and no parties or activities!

Maid:In her absense her work is done by you without any praise in turn or a thank you from the maid herself !
Professional:In your absence nobody does your work and in case one has to he/she will crib to the boss about being overloaded and how un-professional of you to leave your work behind and take leave!

So the findings of the study are such:
1.The Maids are the only employees who are privileged with so many perks & power! 
2.So what if they earn what we spend in a week’s time or so? They are not loaded with hefty EMIs as we are !


21 thoughts on “An interesting comparative study !!

  1. To facilitate ease of living for two people, we are paying 3 people directly and many many more indirectly every month. There is the maid for cleaning, the maid for cooking, the car cleaner. And apart from that, the security gaurds at the entrance of your house, the company bus driver… and so on and so forth… 😦 More than half the money goes in this, the rest in emi like you said… sigh! 😦

  2. @Titaxy: :D@CR: Did you show it to her ?@PWN: Well yeah ! 🙂 @Comfy: Right na ?@G: Sad fact of life G :)@Makk: Sure we do,no doubt about it 🙂 @EC: Yeah LOL !@Suffix: Not yet :)You think I must ? ;)@Aparna: Right..number of hours to be compared too 🙂

  3. @Antarman: yeah this surely does 🙂 Tnx@PB: At least you are far far away from this feeling 😦 Since you have no maid !@Kavi: Well no! Haven't experienced the horror yet and god pls let me not ! :)@Sucharita: Sure they do Su ! Rightly said..under their thumbs !

  4. LOL this was a super read….people with maid problems[esp working women with kids] will soooo identify with this:-DSo many times a friend of mine & I have discussed atleast 4-5 points what u have raised;-P

  5. *nodding all the way*

    I also compare my miad withm y hubby

    – Hubby says I am going for a break, ALONE
    I am Happy.
    Maid says the same thing? I plead beg & pray that her plan gets cancelled.

    Hubby says out door tour has extended? HAppy
    MAid says the same thing? *faints*

    Hubby says I’ll be coming late. *not bothered when he comes back*
    Maid says the same? *counting seconds until she lands*

    😀 😀 😀 😀

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