Telecalling and how !

It was a lazy wintry afternoon when I just had lunch and was basking in the sun, on the terrace,reading my book. My mobile rings and given that the ringtone that I have set-up it scares at the moment it starts ringing loudly ! [I intend to change it to something soothing but I fail to remember]. I look at the display and the number is from Mumbai. A land line number. Which is quiet unusual these days since most of us have and use mobile for calling. Anyways, so I pick the phone despite of feeling oh-pls-don’t-disturb-me-now. The convo was something like this :

Nu: Hell-o

Female: Good morning madam !

Nu: [Surprised!! I look at my watch.Something is really wrong with the Mumbai time zone I guess]. Yes,Good Afternoon

Female: Oh sorry,good afternoon madam! Madam,can I speak to Miss.Nu?

Nu:Where are you calling from?

Feamle:I’m times of India. Can you speak to Nu?

Nu: [err..thinks to herself…what is this?]. Okay go ahead. I’m Nu.

Female: Okay madam, are you free right now?

Nu: For what?

Female: I want to tell you about a nice offer from Femina.

Nu: [before I could speak something]

Female: Madam,if you subsribe for 1 year you will have this much discount and if you subscribe for 2 years then this much discount.So do you want to subscribe for 1 year or 2 years ?

Nu: Listen girl,I already have Femina’s subscription.

Female: Okay fine. Then thank you.

Nu:Hey wait a minute. Where did you get my number from?

Female: [sounded a bit confused] Umm..I got from net.

Nu: where from net, you mean?

Female: From your address. is your address know ? I got it from there only.

Nu: [Puzzled ! Email addresses give away telephone/mobile number which I haven’t stored on it anyways] How come from email address ?

Female: Okay madam bye bye.Thank you!

My take on the entire convo:

Immediate-WTF !Why don’t these tele callers get something better do in life?

On serious note– companies before hiring people should think twice.

On much serious note-companies when hiring these kind of candidates should make sure that they undergo a proper language and telecalling training.

On really serious note-How do telecallers get the mobile numbers which we really make sure not to give to anyone and everyone !

Honestly-I have nothing against that particular female who called me up.She was after all doing her job which will fetch her the bread & butter at the end of the day.I’m just being inquisitive about the recruitment process and the training patterns of reputed companies who hire and fire but may be don’t train !

Personally-I think there is nothing bad or odd in talking in Hindi which is our national language. If one is not conversant in any language should avoid using it but should not leave trying to better it !


42 thoughts on “Telecalling and how !

  1. Ha ha ha..Sorry can’t help laughing…
    You took it quite well Nu. I would not have. But then I generally get calls from a Mahesh from India who tells me he is Sam from Texas and talks in English which sounds it’s from a village in Punjab..

    Training, what training..Telemarketer business in booming in India..They want to make as much money as they can. Training takes time and money, both of which the company execs can spend on hiring more people, putting them to work and making more money..

    And Oh they get your phone number and name from the cellphone company..or rather cellphone companies and internet providers and search engines..and credit card companies..and so many others..who have information on us all..and this information is sold to companies who do telemarketing for some x amount..It’s a scary world were our personal information is not personal at all…

    1. Laugh Laugh !! 😦 🙂 Well I did the same post the call ! Really? I thought I sounded quiet irritated on the call. Hahaha…Sam aka Mahesh !!

      Yes, training. That’s what companies don’t understand. The importance of it all.Just making monetary profit should not be the sole aim !

      I know the sources these people can get our numbers from…my point is how moral is it ? We provide cell/personal numbers to these sources out of compulsion [*in the form] and with an expectation that there will be no act of disclosure ! And here you are receiving unwanted calls from unwanted people.

      Such is business !! 😉

        1. Oh of course I mind !!! I haven’t given you the copyrights !!! On moral grounds this is punishable offence..I’ll have to think how to sue you for this…!!! Grrrr..

            1. Sheesh look at your face ! No traces of sadness or worry ! I thought you would be worried and would reply like that and to that I would say “heheh kaise daraya” but here everything is ulta pulta !! 😉

                  1. G What’s growing up ? We have stopped growing after 18 😉 LOL

                    Pinoo you will help me to put some masala int the post ? 🙂

  2. The otehr day, I got a call from my mobile phone company, offering something and the guy talking was called Ritesh. My mobile contract is in AB’s name and I am an ‘authorized user’. So after listening to his offer, I said I’ll get back to you after discussing with AB. He said, ‘You are an authorized user right? What’s there to discuss? Take the decision yourself.’. I gave him left and right! Look at his audacity!

    Anyway, companies getting phone numbers from email ids is new to me. I’ll research more into it…

  3. lol Nu…i used to get few calls too..never knew how they got my num…but then i don’t pick calls from unknown nums, so i guess they got too tired of me and stopped calling 😛

    1. Y’know…it’s hard for me to not pick up my mobile because if someone from overseas calls (family etc) it comes up as ‘private number’ so I end up picking up most calls anyway. Having said that, most of my telemarketing calls are on my landline…

      1. I usually don’t pick up wrong numbers and let it go to voicemail. If someone leaves a message saying it’s urgent or if the mssg is from someone I know, then I call back. Otherwise I sit back and relax 😛

    1. Yes I thought the same and hence wondered-Femina needing people to subscribe like this ? Moreover I’m also wondering they don’t check the existing subscribers list before calling ! hmmpf !!

  4. Surprisingly I have started recieving calls (after marriage) for couply stuff! dont get me wrong, but the callers say stuff like “apko couple invite diya ja raha hai hamare meeting mein. aapko wahan gifts milenge upto 10000 rs aur freetrip to goa for a couple for 3n4d…. blah blah”

    how do they know im married? pehle to nahi ate the aise calls.

  5. Femina has all these tactics. We have an offer where we subscribe to Femina and get a whole lot of magazines free and to add to that some crockery. Better still good house keeping the magazine, offered cups in return for their subscription and we got 3 sets of teacups, cute cups…

    I called up a bank recently to enquire something, and after 20 minutes of u don’t mind holding for a minute madam a couple of times, ended up with the exact same information I had before I dialled their number. Between the man switched from english to hindi, but he didn’t know a thing as to what was causing the problem… training! not systematically done…

  6. Haha! I hate telemarketers…and yeah, no idea where they get our mobile numbers. And like you, I’d prefer if they spoke in a language they knew and more importantly, in their normal accent! Nothing annoys me more than Indians or Chinese trying to fake an American accent (and I’m really good at identifying what’s fake and what’s not!)

    By the way Nu…did you know…blogger has changed it’s widget thingy when you change templates: they ask you whether you would like to keep these widgets or delete them now! So yay! Wasn’t that your main concern with blogger?? 😉 The only things blogger needs now is a better commenting system and use of emoticons…and I’m sure they’ll get it soon…

    1. yes yes..yesterday I changed templates for my other two blogs and I jumped with surprised 🙂 Seems like blogger is getting vibes from my end 😉 And you naughty…you will not leave it until I confirm that I own only one personal blog that is ‘randomness’ @ blogger !! 😉 BTW I like that 🙂

          1. Good efforts on the convincing front PB, atleast she is thinking of coming back 😀

            Should we take her back? What do you think? Lets give her one more chance hai na? :P:P

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