Who is ME?

There are typical questions being asked to you by people other than your immediate family right from the time when you start talking.The questions keep changing automatically with your growing age.Like:

When you are a kid you are asked “Beta, what’s your name?” 

When you grow up a bit the question becomes ” Which school and which standard?”

Grow up a bit more and the question is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This particular question continues  for a longer time. Once in the mode of career-making the questions starts to mould into something like this:
“Why computer science?”
“Why MBA? Why this specialisation?”
When the important stages of life are crossed-that is grad and/or post grad-the questions change their shade to this:
“Describe yourself”
“What are you strengths and weaknesses?”
“What drives your morale?”
After crossing these questions you enter the corporate world. The questions continue to exist though in different forms.
Thinking about these questions, I noticed that we generally forget to ask one important question.This question WHO IS ME? should be asked at each stage of life.It will help us stay rooted to the core person that we are.Now if the question arises that why do we need to keep ourselves rooted the answer is here:

We have several roles to play in an entire day.And effortlessly we change into them according to the needs of the person we are dealing with.The whole point is in all these roles that we play in public and all that we have to be,sometimes the ME is lost somewhere. Or we forget attending this ME.And sometimes it gets mixed up with our other roles.

The whole point is don’t let this ME vanish.It’s important and we must attend it.ME time is really necessary for every individual.It keeps you fresh and going.So get hold of your ME and work on it,pamper it and see the results 🙂 because life’s too short to just run behind the chores and achievements.In the long run you need to remember who you are hold on to the ME !! 
At the end of everything I realize that our lives resemble a quiz show. Sometimes we are the contestants and the other times we are the quiz masters. The only difference is it’s not aired on any channel! But we too get rewards for right answers and our points are deducted on giving wrong answers.


21 thoughts on “Who is ME?

  1. Back to the circle after a long time and reading your post the first thing :)….and this is just what I needed to read at this point. Totally agree with you….'ME' is the most important part of everything and till the time 'ME' is not settled, you can't make other things work around you smoothly.Love you for this one :)HUGS!!!

  2. @PB: Yeah ME has to be important 🙂 and you were 1st :)@Well said Kavi :)@T:Aww..you should spend time with the T-ME 🙂 I'm sure you like her !@BB: I'm good BB what about you? Well yes, it happens to me 'was i really there?' :)@Anshu: I'm glad you liked it :)@Antarman: Sometimes overdose too is good :)@Neha: Welcome back sweetie,missed you ! Love you too and HUGS 🙂 I'm happy the post was helpful :)@Harini: Welcome dear !Very true..the ME has to be satisfied 🙂

  3. Your post was a mirror! Awesome. When we think about it, in all these rat race and other things, we lose our identity, we relate ourselves with the job we do, friends and all that…Nice one 🙂

  4. @Matt: Glad that you could relate to it 🙂 Welcome to the ME lovers gang :)@Chandrika: Tnx Chandu :)@Suffix: Hey seeing you here after a long time,how are you ? And philosopher and me..LOL

  5. A very thought-provoking post Nu….too often we are busy juggling so many roles that even thinking about ME feels very selfish. Infact for the very same reason I had started blogging:-).

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