Teen Oh Teen !

I was in Archies Gallery the other day and this is what I saw there amongst all the other things on display..which bothered me.

Is this how fun and ‘in-thing’ defined as ? Is this what teenagers are going to learn,about independence and individuality, when they step outside in this world ? And I thought when I’ll be a parent I’ll be very good mother and would instill good values in my children right from the start.Okay I’ll do that.But what when they step out and look around at these kind of signals which might make them think opposite than what I had taught them? I’m scared.I’m worried for not only my unborn children but for all the other set of parents in the world.

I could not stop myself at clicking the picture so I went to the store manager and spoke to him about what came to my mind.He was a mid aged gentleman and responded positively that he will surely give the feedback to the company.I don’t know whether it will work or not.I don’t know if Archies Gallery will understand parent’s difficulties but the whole point is who all will you stop? May be these kind of stores would put a stop to such products..just may be. But what about the internet ? Who governs the rules there ? 

Recently,spotted this piece of news on NYTimes website. A teenager,in protest of her parents,forms a group on Facebook. 

All this makes me wonder…where is this teenage world headed to ? And what are the parents supposed to do ?

15 thoughts on “Teen Oh Teen !

  1. Parenting is really about instilling values in your child that allow him/her to take sensible decisions with strength of mind; the ability to say no, when the herd mentality says yes. And not feel doubtful about it. Todays parents dont have that time. I have some personal experience where I was actually criticized for making my child a priority when she was 18. And those ladies never understood that each child matures differently. Parenting is all about giving time to your child when he/she needs it the most, not when it suits you. Some parents never realize that.Archies knows that. And so they put up such signs. Targetting children of such folks.

  2. Wonder who exactly is responsible in giving teenagers the impression that their parents are their enemies. We've been there and had our set of arguments and disagreements with our parents too, but I don't think at any point of time we tried to go out in the open and rebel!Whether it is media, or here Archies Gallery, they're in some way or the other misguiding these already confused and half-formed individuals. So, if you don't find hating your parents cool, you're not a normal teenager.Parents have a double reponsibility now. To instill good values and also to help them realise their own responsibility as an individual.

  3. Teenagers always want spread their wings and fly, now companies are cashing on it!But dont worry, these signs would invite only insensible kids or kids with overbearing parents… What I mean to say is, it might affect teenagers but with good values instilled in them and sane friendly parents, they might not fall for the bait…It's truly a tough world out there! You did a good thing raising your voice…

  4. Nu, I got a slightly different take here. I saw the sign as a disguised provocative call. What's the most common adjective teenagers use against their parents? "Stupid". What's it that they keep saying all the time? That they're "tired" of their parents' "harassment". Hence, the "act now". Be like a 'parent' first. Don't just sit there and whine, "move out", "get a job", "pay your bills"… and then you'll know what it is to be on your own… and what it is to have a teenage offspring who calls a hardworking, independent parent 'stupid'.

  5. I wonder if this is what teenage is supposed to be all about ! 'Stupid Parents' ! Oh really ! Very apt question. Where is teenage headed !!! huh !

  6. ooh interesting point to note! i saw a new series being launched on bravo or was it lifetime … i dunno some women channel πŸ˜‰ … called Parenthood … the tag line says: "Parenthood is the reason why some animals eat their newborns"hehe πŸ˜€

  7. Nu, As parents we instill good values in children. We teach them to distinguish right from wrong. Most kids who grow up in such environment are capable of making good decisions. It is utmost important of parents to understand kids..to be there for them when they need us. Mine is just a kindergartener but I know that with each passing day I grow up with her so that I can understand her better in future. It will only make all transitions easy. I won't blame today's teenagers or parents. There were bad kids back in the time too and bad parents too. It is just that today's kids have internet and other means to vent their frustration. What are parents doing about that? I don't support young teens on any social networking sites. Interacting with random people at that age is a strict NO.

  8. Oh..this is so sad to see Nu..for a lot of reasons but also because this is a western influence that we are bringing to India..something India has not seen till date..But as you said..let’s try and teach our kids good values and love them..and give them space to spread their wings..They might see these kind of things..may even get influenced by them a bit..but they will always fall back on what we instill in them right from the beginning..

  9. not only this… there are many such boards out in the store… even i was a bit taken aback when i saw them..some of them were okay..but a few were reallyy startling…nice post nu

  10. I don't know if it is just about teenagers alone. I think in some cases at least, bad parenting leads to situations like this. And I knew people who rebelled even when I was a teenager – maybe not on facebook but in different ways. I just want to ensure that as my daughter grows up, she is mature enough and confident enough to be able to speak to me about her troubles rather than have to vent out her frustration in these sorts of forums. I just hope I get to be the right sort of supportive yet disciplined parent

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