A ‘childhood memories’ tag

Got this one from Psych Babbler in Nov last year [just noticed the post is lying in the drafts folder since 29th Nov ’09].Sorry for the delay PB but could not somehow take it up on time.. 🙂

So in this tag I have to write about my childhood memories…Here you go..all the incidences mentioned below are from the time when my age was between  4-10 years..The list below is a mix of funny,sad and happy times that are crystal clear in my memory till date !

  1. Me and cousin sisters were playing in a room .All 3 of us laid our hands on powder tin and lipsticks of our aunt. We spread all the powder on the bed sheet and then drew random designs with those lipsticks over powdered bed sheet 🙂
  2. I have once used almost half the perfume bottle on hair.Thinking that it is okay to perfume your hair by using it like oil 😛
  3. I have a terrible memory of seeing an accident site while passing through it.My father just made me look somewhere else but I got a glimpse of the man who was lying on the road in the pool of blood.I can still feel goosebumps when I remember that.Surprisingly I could not forget it till date 😦
  4. I have recently mentioned about one if the wrong deed that I did as a child. But trust me I’m just not like that anymore 🙂
  5. I started driving a Kinetic Honda when I was in class 5th.Since I quiet taller for my age it gave me an edge to do such things which needed height.Of course papa never let me drive on the main roads and on regular basis.But he sometimes did let me take a round once in a while in front of our house.
  6. One Sunday morning I was playing outside our house with my friends.After a while I realized that an unknown man is entering our house just like that.I started running towards the main door and managed to get inside before him and called for mum and told herthat.On coming outside mom started laughing and I was startled to see this.The man was none other than papa who had gone to salon but came back with no French beard. 😛 And I just could not make it out that it’s papa !
  7. In my childhood also I had several pairs of shoes and sandals-which was normally not the case with my peers.I loved them so much-thanks to papa dearest..oh yes I have been a spoilt brat 😉 and the love still continues-mine for shoes and papa’s for me 😉
  8. This happened when I was at my maternal granny’s place.She was grinding something in the mixer and for a second she went to the other side of the kitchen platform and without wasting a second I switched the knob on..and phew…the lid wasn’t there and all the ingredients went high high on the ceiling ;)..Aww I’m sorry granny for being this naughty !
  9. I used to like boys wear-[All my childhood and teens I have had boy-cut].The shorts and shirts.I had a cousin brother exact my age.Whenever they used to visit us or we used to go visit them the first thing I did was to open his wardrobe and take out his shirt-short and wear them immediately.And he hated that.He just didn’t like me wearing his clothes !! We have always fought.Too much on this one issue all our childhood 🙂
  10. This one is not exactly from the childhood but when I was in X std.I used to take school bus to commute.I had to walk for say 10 mins to-and-fro from the bus stop till home.One day while returning home I noticed a weird guy-who could have been just a year or two older to me-following me.At a point he stopped me and asked my name. Guess what would I have done ? I started crying there-fearful that I was-and just said one line to him “Go from here or else I’ll call my papa”..fortunately he went away and I reached home safely.But once at home I cried like anything.Papa and Mum had a good laugh at me and told me how to deal with these incidents since I might face them quiet often going forward.But I was adamant and told parents that I’m not going to school unless everyday there is a pick n drop facility from the bus-stop to home. Of course,that was possible for my parents to do it for me.But they didn’t because they wanted me to be brave.But yes they changed the route from where I was coming home and then things were settled 🙂 I’m glad now I don’t fear..hehehe..thanks to papa-mumma..f that they would have held my hand escorted me I would have never gained that courage and sensibility to handle such a situation 🙂

Hey it’s fun writing about the things happened in the childhood.I think I can just go on and on about the anecdotes. Oh, but I think 10 things are enough and I must stop here..you guys must be bored!!!

I just loved doing this tag.Trust me,it’s fun.Thanks PB 🙂

People, take this up if you want to have a fun trip down the memory lane 🙂


26 thoughts on “A ‘childhood memories’ tag

    1. yes sweetie 🙂 Sounds quiet impossible but yeah ! And now I’m not a tall girl at all…since H is 6.2..me being 5.6 is quiet tiny in front of him 😛

    1. oh really ? LOL…I thought you would be bugged up listening to my childhood pranks and shaitaniya 🙂 Now why don’t you tell me about your childhood 🙂

        1. oh sure take whole time in this world…I’m sure you’ll remember all the masti that you did then…and hey you could list all the masti done now also 🙂

  1. Now tell me the truth? Did you do this at the spur of the moment or did you jot down points over a period of time and then do this tag? Cos whenever I plan to take it up my mind goes blank 😦

    Hmm. interesting stories btw, you can sit with you grandchildren around you some day and narrate these. Or maybe make them read your blog 😉

    1. wah…grandchildren ? Do you think they would be interested in listening to stories sitting beside this old lady 😦

      Well yes I thought about this tag for a few days …and then did it.. 🙂 now your clock starts…take some time and do this tag 🙂 I want to know about the Naughty G !

      1. Why are you assuming I was naughty? Kya impression ban gaya hai mera. 😛

        I was a very shy and innocent (read dumb) kid , you know 😀

        1. look whose talking !! Hello..you think I’m going to trust this 😉 BTW Manju has moved to word press too 🙂 Any comments 😉

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