After a long gap & I again want something from you

I spotted a butterfly in our garden yesterday morning.It was a pretty baby with it’s wings fluttering in black and orange.A tint of yellow bordering the wings.It gave me such a pleasure.I was still for some while and my eyes kept following her wherever it went in the garden. 

Gradually while looking at the butterfly and appreciating it I realized I’m being taken 20 years back from now.Me and my friends,while playing in the garden,spotting umpteen number of butterflies.Since we were kids we didn’t know it hurt the butterfly if we held it..for us it was like a game to chase the butterflies and hold them and shout in victory.Little did we know that we were the privileged ones then.

I was brought back to the present.To this day when we don’t spot butterflies so easily.In fact I myself spotted this one after a long gap.Makes my heart wrench.I feel bad about the system we are dwelling ourselves into.Without thinking and knowing what lies at the other end of the journey,we are just moving on.On the way,we have decided to sacrifice everything that comes into our way..plants,trees,animals,birds..even the smallest happiness that will bring smile to our next generations.

I want you to read what this blogger just said yesterday about the color blue-which is hinting us-but are we reading the signal ?

I also want you to read this blogger’s post who feels that we need to act.

And then there are blogger’s like her who never miss a chance to spread the word of caution, awareness and warnings as to where are we headed and what we actually need to do.

These bloggers,and many like them, have a huge fan following and large readership base.I’m glad they take ‘spread the awareness‘ seriously and are doing their bit.And it’s this BIT which is going to help our entire being.Everyone if decides to do their bit,we will still be doing fine.

I appreciate the new IDEA Cellular commercial which is doing rounds on all kinds of media-About Saving Paper.
In Indore,IDEA with Radio Mirchi has started a mission to plant trees.The project works like this:The listeners are asked to sms Radio Mirchi and the highest number of smses that an area sends,Radio Mirchi and IDEA will plant trees in that area.

I liked the initiative.Of course,I have smsed.And I hope people from other areas of the city too do the same to get trees planted across the city !

The initiative by AIRCEL says that we can do the bit by-talking to people,smsing,blogging etc to save our tigers.I say Yes Why can’t we ?

There was this initiative from Blog Action Day to spread awareness about Global Warming.And I had asked this from you then.

Today I ask some more.Please do your bit to control pollution,save trees,animals,birds,paper and give ourselves and our next generations the real color blue and green !

19 thoughts on “After a long gap & I again want something from you

  1. I love you for this post. I will be back to read the links too. A lot of companies are taking up causes and spreading awareness too. I guess we are moving in the right direction. Hopefully a lot of people will take it up seriously and put it into practice in their daily life.

  2. @Antarmnan: I love you for noticing my the all chucked it :(@Kavi: Hai na? Sigh !@Butterfly: I love too :)@Insignia: True that :(@Neha: Randomness and Utterance both are very much active..keep the both the feeds :)@Comfy: Yeah too sad ! Oh wow Awards? Hopping there right away 🙂

  3. Anything for you girlie. Did my bit for our waghobas altho it seems very fruitless. I have signed many such petitions earlier and I wonder if they help. Nevertheless, its the least i can do sitting here.

  4. Lovely post Nu .. so sweet of u to do this. I will do whatever I can :)And thanks so much for the link. I do hope I live upto it! I actually dropped by to ask u y ur happy feet r nt found on my blog 😦

  5. That was beautifully said. There are so many things that we can spread awareness about and pick up and do as well. Small things, but things that make a definite difference.

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