A bit delayed post.

Ayushyawar Blou Kahi‘-A live marathi musical show run by Salil Kulkarni and Sandeep Khare.The theme of the show is poetry in the form of songs.This duo has created a magic in the Marathi world by their album named same as the show.I was dying to attend it since long.The show has crossed 500 runs already in Pune,Mumbai and the likes.The duo has also proven the so-called-fact wrong that youth these days is not interested in Marathi language.They are trying to be hep and hence moving towards English and obviously the western culture.But post this album,no one can say that Marathi has lost it’s hold on the younger generation. 

Finally my wait was over and this program was scheduled in Indore on 12th February as a part of 52 Maharashtra Sahitya Sabha-Shardotsava

Ironically,the show was to start at 7.30 pm but due to the bad weather conditions the artists came only at 9.45 pm and started the program at 10.00 pm which of course lasted till 12 in the midnight. The show was phenomenal.Some of the most favorite songs,that I love to hear multiple times,are these:Ayushyawar Bolu Kahi,Damlelya Babachi Kahani,Atasha Ase he,Me Morcha Nela Nahi…

So, the 12th was made wonderful by this show and I was looking forward to the 13th for we were going to watch MNIK. 

About the movie:My name is Khan

Shahrukh Khan in My Name is Khan: First Look

The movie is related to the much talked about and steps-should-be-taken terrorism.It’s a story of a man,Rizwan Khan[SRK] who is autistic by birth.But his mother brings him up in a manner that he is no lesser than a normal human being apart from his walking and expressions.He is a brilliant chap and after his mother’s death he reaches to the US of A to live with his younger brother and sister-in-law.He meets Mandira [Kajol]-who is divorced and has a teenage son-Sameer.Mandira and Khan decide to marry.It is then that the turbulence starts in the movie.Incidently,shortly after their marriage the 9/11 incident takes place and US citizens start targeting all Muslims.This certainly effects the Khan-Mandira family to an extent that they loose Sameer to death.

So,the movie is all about how Khan wants to meet the president and tell him that ‘My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist’. The movie wants to convey a simple message that not every Muslim is guilty and hence should not be charged or suspected.

I think KJo has started taking up serious issues now and left his bubbly-college-puppy love stories behind or on a side track.Maturing han ! 😉 Anyways,overall,the feel of the movie is good and SRK [for a change] has acted well.Kajol was rocking as usual.I would give a 3 out of 5 to this movie.

So,this was 13th and then I was looking forward to 14th.Ahh,not because of the Valentine’s Day..well because we had a trip planned to Maheshwar,a place near by Indore.I have already posted the details and some pictures here.Go check.

The weekend was rocking and I hope the week brings in a lot of happiness too 🙂 What did you do on this weekend ? And how was your V-day ?

In the second half of the movie SRK and his supporters wear T-shirts with a message 
‘My Name is xyz and I’m not a terrorist’. It clicked me and I decided that I’m going to paint this message on my Tee

“My Name is Nu and I’m an INDIAN” ! 

How’s that people ? Should we not initiate this drive to kill and bury the nuisance created by the so called wise people who are occupying the power chairs and using them in a wrong manner ?

Edited to add that she has written a post on the same lines..I’m an Indian.Go read !


11 thoughts on “"AWBK" & "MNIK"

  1. First! If I am It's wonderful…So u saw MNIK eh? SRK acted for once like he did in Chak De! Good, the King of Bollywood need such roles where all of SRK just vanishes and he is just the character! New city, Madam it's Mumbai where I stay these days not Pune! Went out shopping for household stuff and wandered around in the malls. AB was showing me around parts of the city! Mumbaikar that he is..so what's up girl… and how was the tripGood Night and hugs Nu

  2. As I said before (In your other blog) I am glad you had a blast of a weekend.I am not keen on SRK movies. The only reason I would see this movie, if I do, is because of Kajol..And 3/5 starts from you is not that great a rating for me to go watch the movie in the movie hall. Will wait for the DVD. 🙂

  3. Looks like you had quite a happening weekend to say the least. 🙂 Nice thoughts on the tee. Any thoughts of making hand painted tee's for lazy blog friends too? 😛

  4. I have yet to see the movie so cant speak much about it…only that I'm sick and tired of watching Shahrukh sport designer wear and do the dance-and-song routine…so this is definitely going to be a welcome change..although I read him somewhere being compared with Tom Hanks in Forest Gump…wasnt it a bit too much??Kajol's my favourite and its good she's taking up scripts that suit her age and calibre..And the tee…sure thing…good idea…why not make it a collective effort? 😛

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