Just Like That

It has been a week that I’m serving as a lecturer at the university and not blogging :(.Well no,there is no connection in between these two.Was just going through a writer’s block as it is essentially known as.

I’m enjoying my job as a teacher which I was a bit skeptic about before joining.The students are quiet intelligent and the sessions are interactive and not monologues,may be that’s why.Only point is I have to start quiet early (?) for the college that is 8 in the morning. What? I know,I know it’s not that early generally but for me it is :(.But you know that I’m smart and I make the best out of what I have..uhhu uhhu ;).The weather,since last week, has changed suddenly and it rained as well.So I took these pictures on the way to the univ.Nature amazes me every time! It’s beautiful and I love clicking pictures of nature 🙂

The fogged road at 8 am

I clicked this sun at 10 am-Looks like a moon

It was worth taking a trip in this weather and yes we just did that 🙂 Here are the details.

On the weekend I watched MNIK and did a review at ‘Randomness‘…so that means yes I’m telling you to go check that as well 😉 Haha…lot of blogging in a day,that’s me !

Oh yes there is one more picture that I want to share with you. It’s this :

Yes,My tattoo !

Okay let’s play a guessing game..tell me where-as in body part- did I get this tattoo done…oh the winner will surely get something from me,really !


42 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. I am glad you are enjoying the new job Nu.

    Nature indeed takes our breadth away and you get to have a phenomenal view every day. Remember to always look at it..take it in..even when the day is rushed and you are tired 🙂

    Congratulations on the Tattoo..that is way too cool.. 🙂

    OK let me guess..where..hmm..I would say Right hand..forearm.. Now tell me I am right 😀

    1. yeah nature is so beautiful and what you said is right..we must take it in even when we are in a rush 🙂

      Thankiee…yeah me loved the tattoo 🙂

      Wrong answer 😦

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job!

    The pictures are great- particularly the sun that looks like a moon.:)

    The tatoo is nice, too. I don’t think it’s on a hand- that would make it too easy to guess, wouldn’t it?

    1. Thanks Manju,yes I’m liking it. Hai na..the sun looking like a moon..it was a lovely view.Well okay so where do you think it is ?

  3. The tattoo is on ur bk 😛 😛 Or on ur leg, just below the knee or 😉 err I just thot I wud go on guessing and then ask u to choose the rt answer 🙂
    Awesome pics .. thatz the sun @ 10 a.m??? Wowwww!
    Glad u r liking the job Madam .. way to go 😀

    1. haha nice way of answering..giving all the possible places and saying that you already said that 😉 by the way none of the places you mentioned 😛

      Yeh that is sun at 10 am..lovely na ? it was fogged till long that day…

      yeah me too glad that I’m liking the job 🙂

  4. Lovely picturess NU…. and i heard Mnik is nt tht good… but like u saiid…lemme go n check out…:)

    hey somehow i cnt comment on ur “randomness” blog…

  5. Wonderful u are enjoying ur new assignment… teaching is said to be a beautiful experience, ur students remembering you for all their life long…

    Did you actually get a tattoo done Nu! Well let me guess, it could be near ur ankle or the nape of your neck or some where below the neck… or ur calves… I have a friend who got a tatto done on her ankle bone … we bit our nails away seeing her the needle on the bone…. Well I’m taking over from Swar, choose the right one Nu:P

    Nice combination… and u actually tattooed, it would take me ages to bear the pain for a piece of art on my body!!

    1. Yeah me too glad that I’m enjoying your new assignment 🙂 Thankiiee Pinoo 🙂

      Yes I actually got a tattoo done but that’s a temp one re 🙂

      Aww..none of your answers are right 😦

  6. Glad you are enjoying your job so far! And you have a tattoo!!!! Is it a permanent one or temp one?? Is it on your calf? Cool that you got a tattoo…I want to get one but I’m shit scared of the pain!!!

    1. Hehe no PB it’s a temp tattoo 🙂 I can’t get myself under that needle…but I have been told that it’s not that painful…but who tastes the poison to see whether it kills ? 🙂

  7. Hmmm…well we spoke about your job the other day so no need to add anything more. The pictures are great…
    And as far as the tattoo is concerned…since you’re teaching I’d guess you’d like to keep it hidden…may be on your back..just below your shoulders…not much lower..

    1. Tnx Doli 🙂 Aww.. the tattoo is on the right hand’s forearm..and the winner is Comfy 🙂 Haven’t seen you in long time..how have you been ?

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