I happened to be at a wedding reception day before yesterday.It was MIL’s friends’ grandson’s party,eh!!! Of course me and MIL went and hence bound to be in groups of females-read:aunties all the time…Now you know hubby why I wanted you to accompany me 😦 Anyways !

At the entrance we meet groom’s parents who are all smiles and standing in the Namaste pose to greet all the guests that were pouring in.Moving exactly 5 steps ahead and we met groom’s aunt.She did all the HIs and Hellos and then another lady joins in.And I understand that it’s time for me to look around and somehow just pass those few moments.why ? Oh because the trio started talking about how the groom got married to the bride.Eventually,bride’s parents were in opposition of this wedding-intercaste you see-and hence these guys got married in arya samaj mandir.Ok so ? Big deal ! But well,aunty-lot could not get over this fact just like that.They gossiped about hows and whys of the not-so-famous arya samaj shaadi.

Okay now that we said our bye-byes to these ladies we went up at the stage and met the couple,gifted,smiled at each other,got photographed with them and came down! Ah,the job done !! πŸ˜‰

As soon as we come down the stage we meet one more lady-MIL’s close friend-well kind of.Of course after asking me about my new job and why my hubby has not come and all that these two ladies again start the conversation-The wedding ! Hot topic,you see !!

Moving ahead,when we start taking our food..we come across some more ladies…other lot of MIL’s friends..similar process…HIs and How are yous and quickly change track to-The wedding !! Whoops,how famous…errrr…in famous the wedding was then ! Okay but here in this group there was a variation of topic as well.The other topic that was very seriously discussed was the saree that the bride was wearing ! Bah ! Leave her alone I said-in my heart πŸ˜‰ The issue was she was not wearing a heavy saree.Usually in us Maharashtrians the bride wears a shalu at the reception.It is gifted from the groom’s side to her.So basically it’s a display of what all you got πŸ™‚

Poor girl.She was unaware of what all was being discussed in front of her-she being on the stage facing the crowd-and she was all smiles and was thinking about her new life with the man who was standing beside her !

A little bit og gossip here and there is fine..you know exchanging the news in a grapevine manner…but what I don’t like is they just squeeze you hard morally and throw you then and there.I mean how does it matter what kind of a wedding was it ? You are there to bless the couple with your best wishes,no ? Nobody..trust me nobody likes to be a run away bride or perform a signature marriage.But there are circumstances that sometimes prevail your likings or dis-likings.You are nothing but forced to take such decisions then ! So be it people. Leave the personal matters to whom they belong to ! You just meet people,bless the couple and have fun eating nice food around ! Can’t we just do that ?

Shaadi,is such a process na ! And I’m telling you even if this marriage had taken place normally and with all the frills and fancies,these ladies would have certainly found out some or the other flaws and would have satiated their gossiping need !

I’m sure in my wedding too,which was really normal like every other all-consent wedding-there would have been such aunties who would have scanned me from top to bottom to find out something to discuss OR they would have talked how my hubby would have got a nicer alliance if at all he didn’t fall in love with me πŸ˜›  etc etc… !!!

Way to go aunties…I mean go away from gossiping and do something better in life,ya ?


20 thoughts on “Gossip.com

  1. Weddings give space for everybody to do their own thing ! Well, some people listen ! Others talk. Yet others are focussed on the food. One man though is taking the last sniffs of bachelor air…!!marriages..!:)

  2. Oh yes. The most stupid people at any wedding are the bride and groom. They are the ones giving broad smiles to one and all when actually people are bitching/gossiping about them. And oh, the guests also get to eat sumptuous food right in front of your eyes while you are stranded amidst photographers, relatives and of course the pujaris. Well well well, I am curious about what is wrong with the Arya samaj style of wedding? I got married according to the Dnyan Prabodhini method and can only remember how hassle free, quick and meaningful my wedding was. πŸ™‚

  3. Aunties don't quit..no matter where they get together..I start the freak out on the mere thought of having a close encounter with a few of them..one on one I can take them on..in a group, I run far far away..Hats off to you for standing through it all Nu

  4. Irrespective of what caste or religion or what part of the world you belong to, such gossiping is the part and parcel of every marriage. Some make it there as a call of duty, some only to oblige, some to see 'kaisi shaadi ki',while only few selected ones are there to genuinely wish the newly married couple good luck.The poor couple's out there just to display fake smiles and hide their irritation with the repeated feet-touches which are so common amongst us!To make it through it is quite a task, I'm glad my job's done πŸ˜€

  5. seriously these aunties ….. u kn aunties badi clever hoti hai ..they kn how to extract information and how and in what masaledaar way to serve infrnt of others…

  6. Nice subject Nu, we are so inquisitive on the matters no where related to us. Either speak good or just be silent, never hurt or mock anybody. Thanks for sharing.

  7. @Pinoo: yes sweetie you are first :)@Hitch: Yeah truly!@Kavi: you forgot to add that one female is too thinking about loosing her spinsterhood ;)@G: Nothings wrong! Just that it was a hot topic of discussion since it was against bride's parents !!

  8. @Reema: Congratulations on feeling like an ant πŸ˜‰ Jokes apart..all the best for the new journey dear :)@Amol:Tnx πŸ™‚ Welcome here !@Tixie: Yeah it really was a horror :(@Comfy:True that! I had t you see.. was with MIL.. and didn't know anyone there to escape 😦

  9. @Varsh:Sach mein ! It indeed is a tortue for the couple..touching feet and smiling all the way and they don’t even know that people are making fun of them and the wedding  Yes I too feel that I’ve crossed this road !!@PB: Good that you do it! But there are times when you can’t say no @Ro: Yeah,right ! They will make sure that they get the exact and updated info !!@CR: With the duty that I had to fulfill there was no other way but be a silent part of the gossip gang ! πŸ˜‰

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