Wake Up time !!

What’s up with these girls I say? I’m talking about an episode of ‘Rahul Dulhaniya…’ [before you jump to conclusions let me clear that I don’t watch that serial at all…so how did I get to see one episode..curious MIL surfing through the channels put this one on..so that’s how !

So today I saw that a girl [contestant] who is alone with Rahul and talking honestly about her previous relationships is telling that her boy friend used to hit her for every tiny thing-that he thought was wrong-she did according to her wish.I mean like wearing a certain dress and the likes.She also disclosed that she was beaten up inside her house by her BF-just imagine even after her mom being at home ! And to my surprise she said that this relationship lasted for 5 whole months! Can you take that ? Crap !

What’s with these girls today? Educated that we call them.. sensible that we think education makes them..where do their brains go ?? Like in Hindi it is said: akal ghass charne gayi hai kya. Recently, a friend has done this post on such females who chew their brains up and behave imprudently ! Why oh why !

Going back to the reality (?) show , I wonder how much reality is in the show. Because when it was about to start and making news everywhere I just had one question in my mind then-How come all these girls are so very excited to get married to Rahul Mahajan ? Couldn’t anyone care to read this ? And if these girlies have read / heard it already and still were interested to get into the show,wow ! Kudos to their brainlessness !! Publicity ke liye saala kuch bhi karega !

And we thought only village girls or uneducated girls belong to such category- because they are either very desirous or forcibly trapped.

And is marriage made in such a manner ? Does it really happen ? Well,in my view it’s all crap and for TRPs ! And hey I also heard one contestant who was thrown out of the show today-ahh I meant voted out 😉 -saying this:I’m not at all sad.In fact I’m so happy that I made so many friends from different corners of the country. What rubbish ? Friends aise hote hain? Those who compete with you for one guy ? May be I’m growing old..or may be I have lost the concept of friendship ! 😦

Whatever it is..it’s really daunting to know that these girls exist and hence these shows are siphoning money by fooling janta!

Just one message-Wake up girls !! Jaago Ladkiyon Jaago !!


28 thoughts on “Wake Up time !!

  1. When it was first announced, I thought the show would not be aired as there would be none so insane to marry Mahajan boy! But surprise surprise there were candidates. Oh! there reality shows are mini versions soaps are scripted and acted out with new faces and one old face called Mahajan and the people who come to visit!!

    …and why women educated or not tolerate abusive relationships (marriage/parents/siblings/office/friends/boyfriends) not a clue… maybe in their hearts of hearts they have a little bit of hope left or a feeling as to being loved or maybe they are sick or they like such fetishes! or the painful one, they are HELPLESS!!

    1. I happened to catch that trailer too Nu in which she said she ws beaten up for 5 mths!!!!! And the hell ws she dng? And she got beaten up @ home when her Mom ws there ..thatz just toooo much 😦
      As PnA says, may be they have some hope left, but totally not worth it no 😦
      Thanks for linking my ‘public awareness’ post here 😛 😛

      1. Totally not worth it at all, especially these women on the show I say! Others the ordinary folks who lead invisible lives in the country may have plenty of reasonable reasons to suffer the torture. That’s the sad part! 😦

  2. It indeed is all crap! To begin with, the concept itself is ridiculous. How can anyone even think that he/she would be able to find his/her match like this? The whole country’s watching you…judging you…and you’re the one who’s given them the chance to do so!

    And Rahul Mahajan?? Oh puhleeeezz!! His character certificate would put any girl to shame…why would anyone want to marry him at all? And come to think of it, these girls would think of it as an ACHIEVEMENT!

    Its the 21st century, high time girls wake up and realise that they can’t be abused by anyone..one should have the courage to strike back if required or get the concerned people punished with help from the right people.

  3. Oh well! This is how some people seek attention. Poor self image makes them resort to extremes so that they are ‘phamous’! These girls were once unknown girls next doors. Now the whole country talks about them. They would probably get a high each time they go shopping and people stare at them wide eyed!

  4. ” विनाशकाले विपरीत बुद्धि ”
    is the answer to why the girls you are talking about behave in a certain manner. 🙂

      1. I’m with G on this… I understand that fully well, but what was that u said Nu… ‘Exactly’ or ‘ tumne barabar bola’ types ??? (Barobar… me knows) Need to take Marathi lessons from AB now… 🙂

  5. oh for sure this is all fake..

    I will not entirely blame the girls..so many of them are models..they are getting limelight (I dunno how; as very few watch the show); they must have been offered a lot of money so they are doing it..but the makers must realize this..they are doing it for a wife beater..they are encouraging a criminal..that’s sad..

  6. I am glad I am no where close to where the show gets shown..Phew..I would go nuts..D does not let me anywhere near the TV when the Bachelor is going on, else I go on a rant..And this show sounds even studiper..

  7. It’s all TRP – first swayamvar, then they’ll do a programme on the wedding and groups will compete to perform in the wedding/ or dress up the couple…
    Then there will be a divorce coverage 😛
    Stupid these shows are…

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