"Main Aur Didi"

I have to say that these days I’m feeling lucky.Lucky because of many things but the one thing that I’m writing this post is MUSIC.Indore these days has become active on the concerts front.There have been so many musical concerts taking place in last couple of months.Yes and that’s why I’m feeling lucky ! When I was leaving Mumbai I felt sad about this one thing specially, that I would miss attending shows,dramas and expos. But, I think slowly Indore is rising up to my expectations 😉

Yesterday, I attended a concert by Hridaynath Mangeshkar Jee.It was dedicated to Lata Mangeshkar jee for her Sahastra Chandra Darshan birthday in September 2009. Hridaynath Jee were accompanied by his daughter Radha Mangeshkar [in salwar suit] and one of the famous singers Suvarna Mategaonkar[in yellow saree]. The best part about this concert is it has not been performed elsewhere yet since the conception of it’s idea…it is not even aired on television or radio media.Yesterday was it’s first show!

The shows name was,in Marathi,’Didi ani Me’ but for Hindi speaking public in Indore the name was to be translated into Hindi and it got flipped to Main Aur Didi.Hridaynath jee,before starting the show,mentioned that the name is not correct since “My name should not come before Didi’s name“.In the picture above you can see on the left it’s Ustad Amir Khan Sahab’s [Hridaynath jee’s guru] photo and on the right side it’s Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar [Hridaynath jee’s father]

There were almost 3-4 thousand people in stadium.The show was amazing and I’m still mesmerized !What put me in complete awe was what all Hridaynath Jee shared yesterday,which at least I hadn’t heard earlier about his childhood,family and Lata jee.

Hridaynath jee told lot of incidents from their childhood.How Lata jee were the only elder in the family after their parents expired.He was speaking on the behalf of his other sisters and he expressed his gratefulness towards Lata jee for making all these siblings what they are today.

Some of the incidents that he shared were heartrending yet galvanizing.What amazed me more was the selflessness this man carries.In todays world also,he was selflessly giving all the credit to his sister for what he is today ! We clapped on every bit that he dedicated to Lata jee.The stadium was full of music and claps ! Kya Nazara tha !

There were some disturbing things taking place.Public doesn’t have civic sense or if there is any better term for this. But that calls for another post…not in this one !

Songs like Ajeeb Dastan Hai yeh,Yara Sili Sili,Aji ruth kar ab kahan… did the rounds.Every song has a small story attached to it and Hridaynath Jee narrated all of them in such a manner that we could literally feel the happiness,sadness and the pinch with each of it !

Finally,as the show came to an end-which was the saddest part of all 😦 a huge chunk of people gherofied Hridaynath Jee for autograph,to touch him once,to look at him from nearest possible point,to even stand in such a position near him so that to be clicked in a photo,to just stand still and listen what all he was saying to all his fans while signing his autograph..I belonged to the last category with a variation…I was standing there watching the entire episode and clicking pictures… sharing few here

Happily giving the autographs

Finally after 30 mins he got up & security made a hand fence

With his wife-exiting the stadium 

Oh well,while I was at photographing spree hubby did the job of taking the autograph.He took Hridaynath Jee’s signature on the invite that we had received for the show.

The Autographed card

Honestly,I have never been a fan or so of Hridaynath Jee.Have always heard Lata jee and Asha Jee..but after attending this concert not only I became his fan but I respect him as a human being.So down to earth and grateful to his sister…..And yes,in the 10 mins break Hridaynath Jee called Lata jee and told her about the scenario at the stadium and she was thankful and she recorded her message for Indorians and it was put on loudspeaker for all of us to hear 🙂

I can never forget this lovely experience ! 


20 thoughts on “"Main Aur Didi"

  1. Hey Nu..I completely agree that seeing these iconic people in person can be very mesmerising..I've heard what you said about Hridaynathji earlier and it makes me respect him even more :)To be honest I've always been a bigger fan of Ashaji…I find her voice more versatile and adaptable…but Lataji's voice has its own depth and soul..We should feel proud of having lived in the era of these great people, isn't it?

  2. Really it must be sight to behold..I also admire anybody more for his or her human nature..they leave an impact much more permanent than even their acomplishments.

  3. Wow! A live concert is always mesmerising. I am er…not very fond of the two sisters, ( Now please don't kill me for this) but yes, would still attend a concert. The live ,usic is breathtaking 😀

  4. geeeeeeeez… sounds really nice… and I missed it !!!! 😦 Didnt even have a clue about this happening… thanks to not having any local news paper i guess… 😦 sounds like a very very good experience.. !

  5. Yay! Me first… :DLooks like the concert was amazing. your description and of course the pictures made me feel as if i were there. :)I am not sure how much I would have liked the tidbits though. In marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Hridaynathji would really take a long time to finish the trivia. And it kinda bored me. But probably, in a concert, the charm must be totally different. 🙂

  6. @G: Yes darl you are first 🙂 It seems today is your day ! Tnx G,I'm glad my post did that..though I feel I could have written more..but ran out of words…Are you would have loved I'm sure..the real life incidences…@Varsh: Yes true 🙂 We must feel proud and lucky to have known these gems :)@Samvedna: I liked the change in name 🙂 Yes a human being's nature is the biggest asset!@Meira: Offo..not beating you and all that 🙂 Yes,live concerts anyways are rocking :)@Hitch: Aww..I thought you must be aware or I would have given the passes to you 😦 May be next time :)@Smitha: Truly amazing Smiths 🙂

  7. :grrr me J Thanks a lot though for that live experience u gave us thru this post n pics 🙂 So nice to get that msg played for u 🙂 What a lifetime experience Nu 🙂

  8. @Reflections: Tnx 🙂 @Comfy: You right! Tomorrow again a musical concert :)@Samvedna: Really? Ohh..but I like this name very much 🙂 So good that you changed it :)@Swaru: YAY 😉 Tomorrow again a concert 🙂 Yes Swaru,what an experience…I'm overwhelmed!@Ani: Indeed Ann 🙂

  9. I was lucky enough to be present in the same show. It was truly a memorable show and yours is a brilliant post which could capture the splendor of the show in its entirety. Thanks.

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