Women & Relationships

G of Gunjaaish tagged me for this entry to the blog post contest at Indusladies and I’m glad she did 🙂 Tnx G ! I have chosen Relationships as the topic for the entry.

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Relationships have been a very critical part of our lives.We tend to form so many relationships and get entangled in them all.Though there are several angles to a relationship,I’ll talk about the women angle here.Let’s take few incidents and try to relate to them.These all incidents are a mix of my experiences from my life and my friends,family and colleagues’ lives.

Scene 1-
Two best friends.After few days of their time spent together marriage takes them far away from each other geographically.Doesn’t harm their relationship! They remain best friends even after 10 years of their geographical separation.The understanding and love remains intact.They are a strong support system for each other !

Scene 2-
Daughter in law and Mother in law.Both independent.Different generations.Clashes of thoughts and egos.They stop talking to each other and the entire family faces the lashes of grief and silence in the house.

Scene 3-
Two best friends.Both of them know each other since early school days.Friend one is devoted to the other friend totally and goes out of the way to help her out.Friend 2,on the other hand is just taking advantage of this friend and getting all her work done and when she realizes that now she does not need this friend she dumps her politely and moves on.

Scene 4-
Two best friends.But here the other friend is a guy.This guy has a girl friend who is extremely possessive-to an extent that she doesn’t trust any girl talking to her boy friend.For sometime this girl friend is okay about her boy friend talking to his best friend.But slowly the suspect ant creeps in and the girl friend start suspecting the boy friend and his friend.It reaches to a limit that these two buddies part their ways to put a full stop to this drama altogether.

All the four scenes above depict different shades of relationships and how females behave differently as per their needs. How, let’s see here:

Scene 1-No matter what,their understanding has not changed.The love is intact-The power of women to love unconditionally without depending upon parameters like distance.

Scene 2-The daughter in law gives up on the non-spoken fight between them and makes way to the communication which in turn clears the air in the house-The female understood the gravity of the relationship and kept her ego at bay ! Women can build a relationship if she wants to!

Scene 3-In this example,friend 2 takes advantage of the other friend who loves her deeply and truly.But neglecting the love and affection she takes advantage and dumps her friend when she is no more of use-She got hold of the relationship and used the way she wanted to !

Scene 4-The girl friend didn’t trust another female [or do we say that she didn’t trust her boy friend?] Whatever,she had a problem of ‘not-trusting’ others.This shows the insecurity in relationships-So,the one whom we are calling powerful and in control of relationships can be insecure about them !

The point that I want to draw here is-that women have better understanding of relationships.Only important thing that I want women to remember is-They need to understand and realize that they possess this power within and that they can shape their world on the basis of it. It is said in Marathi Baai ghar jodu hi shakte ani Todu hi shakte. [A women can make or break the house-in terns of happiness and prosperity].Also,isn’t our history enough proof of it? Ramayan and Mahabharata came into existence because of Sita and Draupadi-Women !

Women have this power and they need to utilize this in a positive way.Not by breaking hearts,promises,relationships,trust. It is also said that A women better knows another woman’s pain.Well,yes !And that’s where most of the women fail to understand what other females must be going through because of their rude or bad behavior.

I wish every woman a very happy,healthy and smooth life ! Women power rocks..use it positively for yourself and for others too 🙂

I tag Varsh,Psych Babbler and Comfortablynam 

23 thoughts on “Women & Relationships

  1. Women, we are each other's best friends and our worst enemies..I say is always and the examples you give prove the same. I am with you Nu. Let's end the fight..let's work on the women power.PS: Thank you so much for tagging me.

  2. that's where most of the women fail to understand what other females must be going through because of their rude or bad behavior…loves these line and also that wome have the power to make or break a home.

  3. @Varsh: Yes you are :)@G: Missed by a minute :(@G: Nice lines :)@G: Hmm..may be yes but the time stamp says she is first :(@T&S: Welcome here 🙂 Tnx !

  4. We spoke at length about this but some more things to add :)Women by birth have this excellent acumen for building or killing relationships. More often than not we'll see them make compromises in their life, frettingly but willingly. They're the backbone of any family and only with them it can be called 'complete'!

  5. As Shaggy says in his song "She can nag and be a constant pain"also "She can take you on a highBe your comfort when you cry"The strength of a woman is great and she only can use it the way she wants

  6. Hey First time here I like this article.. you are right woman can make or break.. I had a nasty experience myself .. dont know whose fault it is mine or hers But it was nasty.. the problem is EGO.. if you know that you will not find another partner who would love you this much, and that you love them a lot, then its nothing but Ego which spoils a relation.. I liked the scenarios you have put …

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