27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-1

  1. A mind,
    clouded with worry,
    the biting wind
    whirling around,
    deep in her memories
    at the bareness of it all.

    A moment
    looking up,
    she shivers
    in excitement,
    by a golden ray of Hope;
    Another day,
    another Sun,
    another celebration,
    Life is warm sunlight
    on an icy peak.

    A promise,
    to the tree,
    that very soon,
    it will be,
    and green,
    a time of birth,

  2. Where was this shot Nu ?
    Breathtakingly beautiful. Loved the gentle golden touch of the sun rays on the mountain peaks and the cozy blanket of thick clouds covering the valley 😀

    Simply superb!!

    1. Really ! Such is the magic of nature 🙂

      Well no I don’t live in Paradise as such 🙂 I went to live there for a while 😉 It’s taken at Kausani

    1. Aww..what maaf and all 🙂 I would never let you miss any post of mine 😉 Gunpoint pe tujhe bolungi comment karne ke liye 😉

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