KA or KN..what gets prompted is the question !

We are so much dependant on search engine,aren’t we? And let’s take it that ‘google’ is widely accepted and most used search engine for finding anything and everything under this sky ! Of course it’s a technology which comes in handy when ‘we’ are looking for a recipe,a holiday tour package, people,thesis,subject knowledge, movie, addresses,places,images and all the ‘other’ things too ! We get it all and ‘we’ can safely say that ‘we can’t do without Google’ !!

Well so what’s the point? Point is not google but who these ‘we’ are ? It could be you,me,spouse,friends,relatives,parents,colleagues,bloggers and Kids [?] !! Yes, kids too..possible ? It is !

I did a ‘concern’ post few days back saying that my 13 year old niece is now accessing the Internet and how I’m fearful about how she would know more than she should! And I’m worried about all other kids too..Internet has become indispensable these days that you can’t keep kids away from it..keeping them away from it will mean choking their knowledge growth…but what’s the bar for ‘knowledge’ ?

Look at this image..

I wanted to put ‘Knowledge Management’ in the search box and by mistake I typed KA instead of KN…and this is what the search engine prompted me for.. looking at the options I thought what happens when several kids at several places using Internet are mistyping or half typing the key word and getting weird options like these ? Will they not feel curious to go check these options as well ? And when they do what happens next ? Can’t imagine.. !

Or may be me I’m late in worrying about this…there must be kids who would have already gone through these prompts and seen and read what all is there in the world they need not know  and that too like this !

Ironically, I have found that almost all the kids [5 years onwards] these days don’t like books.They think reading books is a boring task to do instead accessing Internet and keeping in touch with friends through Orkut and FB is hep ! This takes me back to the good old days when we didn’t have Internet or any such thing and thank god ! We at least had a experience of playing and reading books..Sigh !

Had this discussion at a friends’ place who have a year old baby. ‘what would the baby call the parents’ and after discussing a lot we finally boiled down to this: May be the kid will not give the parents a chance to tell him what he should call them..may be he will call them as M and D [as in Mom and Dad]..who knows !

Scary and weird is what all I can feel !


29 thoughts on “KA or KN..what gets prompted is the question !

  1. Scary indeed. On a totally different note, have you tried putting “Why are indians so” and “Why are Americans so”
    The options that the suggestion shows are really weird.

  2. These prompts are dangerous, risky as well as distracting! There have been times when I was looking for something else but the prompts made me curious and I wasted my time elsewhere.

    It is actually very scary thinking about what will happen when kids having access to the internet stumble open ‘wrong’ stuff. Guide to being misled??

    1. totally dangerous ! For these things and more parents now need to be more careful and on their toes ! Have to do the balancing act..of giving freedom and restricting it at the same time !

      Tough job I must say !

      1. Yeahhh….and these days its so tough to ‘manaofy’ kids with our lame excuses…they understand everything…its a very tough balancing act…!!

  3. Not surprised about kids not liking books…that’s why J.K Rowling is an inspiration…she did get a lot of kids reading again. And as for the things kids are going to learn because of internet…not surprised again but sad…kids these days don’t have time to be kids. They are bombarded by so many things in the media and online but they don’t have the cognitive ability to actually critique them and see them for what they are. I saw a couple of girls the other day at the shopping centre here who looked like they were 11 going on 20 or something…these tiny things, not yet physically developed but wearing makeup, carrying handbags and having shopped for clothes by themselves! Makes me sad…especially when I think back to the days when I had a chance to be a child and enjoy and cherish those memories.

    1. I agree to each word that you have expressed PB! And hey you know you are actually sounding like a psych professional right now 🙂 wow !

  4. It a very sensible article…I like that atleast some people are utilizing the power of words to fullest..I hope such blogs bring more awareness among people specially parents, as I believe changing the available technology option will be difficult though as blocking the google site can also not serve the purpose, as people will find thier own ways to play with Technology. Technology comes along the cost, your concern is one the cost for Traditional Values System based societies…

  5. this is so damn pathetic re..these search engines give all kinda information that can affect each and every person in a negative manner.. I am sure there will be ways to commit suicide and rape too there..

  6. Very scary. Know what here I see girl and boys in the age group of 13-15 engaging openly in you-know-what kind of activities. Nobody seem to be bothered or distracted actually. I was wondering is it a cultural thing.

  7. Internet is a scary scary place for our kids..like Rays says above…my 13 year old niece received spam mail in her inbox..and kid that she is she did not know better to open that email..and then she started crying..

    We got a frantic phone call all the way from India..since my SIL does not know anything about spam etc.. D talked to his niece and then gave a dressing down to his sister to be more aware of what is going on, monitor the teens internet use etc.

    Sad but true 😦

  8. Google is like a life saver for me… But yup it can get really scary at times when sumones standing rite behind u.. especially sumone frm ur family 😛 ….

  9. I’m quite shocked seeing the picture displayed above.

    My friend who moved from Dubai to B’lore was expressing her concerns on these very lines recently. Atleast here in Dubai they have strict rules which help block a lot of the seamy stuff. It irritates us coz sometimes they block harmless sites on the basis of suggestive sounding names. eg. Sites like flickr and orkut are blocked here :-S. There r ways and means to get around these things ofcourse but atleast we can be sure tht the kids are safe on the net.

  10. Hey Nu – first time on ur blog…and thought i would say Hi – my cousin (at that time 14) once told me that two of her classmates are doing it. I asked her – they are kids…how do they even know what to do -believe it or not There are apparently sites that advise teens on how to do it!!!!

    Of course my cousin assured me that she doesn’t do it….hmmm..i dont know if i can believe it though!

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