Your ardent follower !

Some facts about THE ardent follower:

  • It follows you wherever you go..even when you don’t want it to ! Stronger than any mobile network !
  • Anyone likes a follower,ask bloggers,but not this one!
  • It’s a problem and it refuses to leave you! 
  • The beauty of the thing is you can’t threaten or blackmail it ! 
  • It always tops the ‘to-do’ or ‘must-do’ lists.
  • A bit of it is gone and you are enthused to hush the remaining of it.
  • A bit of it added and you are depressed big time!
  • It’s an important factor for every single human being on this planet !
  • It does its work consistently and without fail,but most of us fail to understand its strategy!
  • We always have a target to push it away..far far away from us ! 
  • We put in loads of efforts to protect ourselves from it.
  • It decides what you will wear and how you look,sigh !
  • No matter how much you are able to hide yourself from it,it still catches you!
  • It’s like an uninvited guest,which you really want to get rid of !!

No it’s not a disease but it’s harmful. Having ‘it’ in more than required quantity is not only harmful but a way to get into depression !

Well,’it’ is nothing but the weight !! Don’t we all want to lose it every now and then ? Don’t we,specially females,have losing weight as an important to-do in our lives ? Don’t we want to slim down an inch more to fit into ‘that’ special dress ?

Bah ! The weight and its saga..continues to stick to you everywhere…all discussion with a friend or family would come down to this thing for sure !

 ‘Weight,Tum Kab Jaoge?’


20 thoughts on “Your ardent follower !

  1. Wow! that was almost a riddle post on 'weight'.I totally agree with Divz on this :)Keep up the wonderful work and workout.Cheers!!*PS – liked the new template of your blog 🙂

  2. So so so true! I hate it too! And I want to lose some of it too! You know what….try skipping…it works and you dont need to go out for it either…can do it at home along with some exercises. M not just adviasing, but practising too 🙂

  3. 😦 me kya bolu idhar? I have a high metabolism.. people keep telling me to gain weight; but I don't want to..I am fine with my slim frame…especially after reading ur weight loss woes 😛

  4. I liked this post, not because it mentions the issue with most of the people, but because it's expressed quite well and is written with perfection!But perhaps losing weight is not as hard; a person just needs a great control on mind!!Have a good weekend!!!Bhavesh 

  5. Well it works both ways , its not woman who always have to adjust or compromise.. In todays day and age Both have to adjust and compromise.. thats what relations are .. No two are perfect and never will be .. In the end its how important a relation is to one.. is it worth adjusting for or compromising..

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