Bane or Boon ? What is your take ?

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Was discussing this with a close friend..about women and her powers and the trauma and pains that she has to go through…sometimes she is prepared for this and sometimes it knocks her just like that !

How vulnerable a women is and yet how strong she stands behind her family ! There is a kind of thinking that we have all grown up with..a woman has to compromise in all matter how educated she is or how much she earns or how beautiful she looks or comes from an established family or how decent she is…whatever good characteristics she posses are taken as ‘so what,she ought to posses them anyway !’ 

Of course, I’m talking about a woman’s state generally ..there are families and specially husbands,today, who understand what a woman is and give her the due respect and credits…

But even after that there are some-things that a woman has to adjust to….and tell me who likes to adjust any way ? No one wants to give away their own thoughts or their identity or the freedom that they have been brought up with..and why should one,really ?

And then I look at the other side..that yes why not…only woman has the power to do understand to love and to give…we have immense powers within…like I mentioned in my last post..woman can break or make..our history has loads of proofs…’Ramayan’ happened only because of a woman…

I remember Abhishek Bacchan’s dailogue from the movie ‘Hum-Tum’..he says it to Saif Ali Khan:

Woh humse yahan [showing the biceps] bhale hi kamjor ho par yahan [pointing towards heart] humse jyada strong hoti hai ! women might not be as strong physically as we men are but these are very strong at heart..more than us !

Which is so true !

So instead of taking this as a bane we should take it as a boon that we are able to adjust and turn things the way we want to…that’s the only way we can be happy and keep others happy..No,but that doesn’t mean that women should compromise to an extent to lose their individuality,never ! But if minor changes here and there makes a big difference to the family set-up then why not !


21 thoughts on “Bane or Boon ? What is your take ?

  1. @Bikram:I read your comment and published it..but somehow I lost it..don't know what went wrong…but anyways, thanks for dropping by..I totally agree with what you have's two ways..but adding to adjusting with her husband a woman has to cope up with the in-laws too..that's what my point was 🙂

  2. I agree…the sacrifices a woman can make whilst trying to maintain her own identity and individuality are only within her own reach..YAY to woman power…again!!! 😀

  3. it is a sad state of affair..we have been brought up in such a way that we firth think about the society and then take any step..just to make sure that ghar ki izzat salamat rahe and mere pati pe aanch na aaye, women even take beating from them..that's sick on their encourage the monster so it will for sure come to get u..

  4. Bane or BoonIt is how you take it. Its like a power..say nuclearyou can have a atom bomb or power plant….so all about application. so case sensitive.:)

  5. Very true…however educated, beautiful etc etc we may be, we have to compromise and that is something that is expected from us always…it has to be our life, our belief, our career etc that have to be compromised upon and that is the sad plight of women across the globe. Yet, the strength of a woman cannot be undermined. If you have to stand up for something, there should not be anything to deter you from it. If only the world would understand that families would never be made and held together if not for the love, strength and unconditional devotion of the women behind it!

  6. i agree to the fact that women are much stronger emotionally than men in general. and they totally deserve credit for that. but i don't think generalising all women is right. I respect those who deserve.

  7. As promised I am back. :DSice I am in the midst of something related to this topic u have written about, I am going to refrain from commenting on it bcos I might just put up a post on it.

  8. See, when you are in a family situation, with or without kids, analyzing these things theoretically, from a bane/boon point of view doesnt really work. You are not a stand alone system any more. But how you look at something that forces a decision somewhere, decides how strong you are. Society doesnt really have anything to do with it. You decide what is required to be done in a situation, ensure it doesnt hurt anyone in the family, and go ahead. I've met males who have been incredibly supportive in their family situations, and women, who have taken difficult decisions , stood up, and seen things through in the face of huge opposition. One has to learn to decide what weightages to give whose opinions. Many times, the "respect" factor is missing, and thats when things fall apart. Given our patriarchal society, it is imperative that mothers teach their sons about respecting the partner.

  9. @ALL: I'm so sorry for not replying stuck up in something 😦 @Neha S: thank you so much for informing me about the pick 🙂

  10. lovely post! I still remember Sushmita sen's answer..its woman who teaches man about sharing and caring.God has created us with heart and we must follow that.

  11. Hey there, really beautiful ode to women and our prowess! Also typo errors are overlooked when its a well-written piece but need to point out that its 'A WOMAN' and many women…singular-plural error again i suppose! Anyways…Really thoughtful post..:)Keep up the good work!

  12. Hmm…I haven't been around your blog for a while! Seems like I missed a lot! Nice post…I guess it's a good reframe…even though I will still say it's not an excuse for women to have to adjust to everything! 🙂 Congrats on the blogadda pick!!

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