Oh,’M’….meri jaan !

no matter what I do and no matter where I live there is this certain part in me which keeps yearning for Mumbai. Whatever time I have spent there keeps coming back to me and I can never forget that ! Mumbai is a wow city,no doubt about it ! Though,surprisingly before shifting there,I was very much unsure about me liking the city..and not less than a month and I became a biggg fan of the city..it’s being and the people around..okay not people too much but the set-up of a social life there…like people not caring much about what other’s are doing or thinking..the bindass attitude…the carefree lifestyle..the oneness…the strength and of course the hustle bustle ! Every bit is so much appealing that one can never be untouched by Mumbai’s magic !

Since few days I’m missing the city too much..so much so that I’m talking H into shifting back..how lovely the life would be..okay not that here I’m living just plain boring life…not really..but the magic is missing…the faster life is always preferable than a soothing steady calm life..yeah me likes that…fast and busy life !

And I’m sure that people who have already lived in Mumbai won’t like living a slow paced and relaxed life where they don’t have to work according to the clock..I mean yes people here too are punctual no doubt but don’t have to race against time to reach somewhere or do something !

I remember going to the TATA NCPA.. the huge structure amazed me..and the play that I watched was ‘wedding album’..the front row and the ambience of the theatre..it’s all so wow ! Classy ! And the bargaining shopping at linking road-Bandra..the badnstand…wow ! Marine Drive…even better :)..vada paav…airport :P….sea-link drives…my flat there…my life in totality !!

Only thing that has kept me here and keeping me on the track is H !! or else why would I have left such a life…I know the reasons I’m back here…but there are times na when you really miss and for a moment regret your decisions ? Same moments crossing my mind !!

Oh…I’m totally totally missing Mumbai !!!

kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai..sigh !! And here the choice is obvious !!


11 thoughts on “Oh,’M’….meri jaan !

  1. Hey Nu…how true…until I came and settled here I too had my share of nervousness…how’d it be like…people had created such a prejudiced view about Mumbai that I was a weebit scared at first…and also the fact that we didn’t have any family here! 🙂

    But you grow up to like it, real soon…I live far away from the main city…but I like it here better…its a lot calmer and doesn’t feel vastly different from my hometown…although once in a while its good to travel all the way to all those places…Eskcon temple in Juhu…Marine Drive..Siddhivinayak temple…and what not!! 😀

    Do come here….we’ll have an unbelievable time!! 😀

  2. 😦
    thanks for making me home-sick
    😦 😦

    totally with you on the last line….

    I get wild if someone criticizes Mumbai, such is her magic! She is perfect, and so easy to fall in love with 🙂

  3. nu- totally agree i have spent my college years in mumbai and i loved the freedom and the safety which mumbai gives. U dont need a parent to drop u, dont need a car, parents r ok abt timelines:-) bliss bliss. Mumbai as a working person in slightly harsher- but i wouldn’t have it other way. Actually v could do with less traffic jams and lower property prices. Nevertheless there is something abt mumbai. Jai mumbai. And since its ipl jai mumbai indians umm

  4. I agree Nu. I love Bombay too!!!

    “… the set-up of a social life there…like people not caring much about what other’s are doing or thinking..the bindass attitude…the carefree lifestyle..the oneness…the strength and of course the hustle bustle”

    And my life there was not really much hustle and bustle, it was peaceful 🙂 I love the freedom of big cities and Bombay is better than all the other bigger cities 🙂

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