Change of side=Change of attitude,Ahem !

Have heard this umpteen times in my life …“every coin has two sides”

Well,now that the coin has been turned and the other side is up and showing I feel a sense of pride and victory [on whom I’m still figuring it out :P] It’s a bit funny and authoritative as well…I feel blessed to have crossed this side..and now these poor souls are scratching their brains and attempting to write all what they have it there to score the highest ! Sigh !

It reminds me of the old days when I was one of the students sitting on the same bench,writing non-stop to finish the paper before that bell rang,checking whether I have attempted all the questions,written properly,diagrams in place and lines drawn at the appropriate places. kya din the woh bhi..though we,as students, always want to jump and skip the remaining years of our college life and board the corporate band wagon…but only when we reach here..this side..we realise what life we had in college times ! Nevertheless…this life is not bad too πŸ™‚

Oh me? I’m a bad bad teacher I guess..I’m not at all being lenient…can’t help it,really ! I’m so wanting to grant few marks here and there but unable to…you tell me,how do you give marks to papers where the names of the researcher’s have been spelt wrong,the theories have been tumbled upside down and the answers have been written in the form of fill in the blanks ? Well,there are few copies which have managed to score well-which proves that I have taught well and right,ah !!

Well this is just an unit test but the marks count ! So,I’ve planned to take a post-test session-post-mortem that is- for students where in they will know where did they lose marks and what should they be doing,let’s hope it helps them in finals ! See,I’m not a bad teacher yarr !

But I’m enjoying being this side of the class and being in authority ! YAY !! πŸ™‚ 


27 thoughts on “Change of side=Change of attitude,Ahem !

  1. I liked the post-mortem idea :)I wish my teachers did it…You are a good teacher Nu… but such a naughty soul!!!You stealthily took a picture of unexpecting kids who are tearing their hair writing an exam! :DI mean look at that poor girl wearing red salwar kameez squeezing every nerve in her brain! You mastikhor πŸ˜›

  2. Ahem … look @ her ;)If they manage to score well, she hs taught well and if they tumble down things, they r @ fault huh πŸ˜› :PPost-mortem idea is cool .:)

  3. heyyy!! u are a teacher too? which field? glad to have a teacher who blogs πŸ™‚ I felt the same way when I went to the other side of bench. I'll be glad to have your comments on my teacher posts also posted some pics of my students πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. Hmmm…see this happens when you have a teacher who blogs…she gets so creative names for everything…what used to be called review has become post-test session-post-mortem!! :DIf I were you I'd design the toughest paper I'd ever seen and take our all my 'bhadaas' on them…poor souls πŸ˜›

  5. even i would be a very strict teacher..I somehow can't bring myself to be all that sweet-sweet with students…but let's see..I might take up teaching soon..and it is going to be in law…so I hope people do no mix-n-match laws!!!!!

  6. nightmares are made of these stiff :DCollege days were a lot of fun..all you had to care about exams and have a blast otherwise..This life has its plus but there are a lot more is what makes you to cut marks here and there.. :(But students do respects teachers who take pains to explain things even post exam even when they are strict in marks.. I am sure your students respect you a lot..and think you are oh so cool

  7. Nu,Actually every coin has three sides, not two. The third side which becomes visible when you stack a pile of coins is the most important. This change of side also changes attitude! :)Vivek

  8. @Celestial: Yeah yeah..I'm just trying to compensate bad marks with some good work,you see πŸ˜› Oh well I wouldn't have taken the pic how would you guys have enjoyed reading this post,eh ? πŸ˜‰

  9. @Reema: Yeah me a teacher too,now ! I teach HR to MBA students πŸ™‚ I have read few of your posts on being a teacher…heading to your blog from here to comment :)Kewl han ! You tweeted from the class !!

  10. That's good…nice for students to know where they went wrong. I had very few teachers that did that but it was always more helpful than just a cross or less marks with no comments whatsoever…

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