That Kid and This Me !

Things that kids say or think are out of us elders reach and imaginations ! Few days back I had my elder niece,Apple [using this name for the purpose of the blog but I really call her that in real life too :)], visiting us for entire day since her exams are over and she has a fairly free time on her hands to spend it with her aunt,that is me 🙂

There was this LIC commercial going on on the tele..”ek ,do,teen,char,panch,cheh,saath..tum choolo akash..“..I,as usual,took it as just another commercial but Apple was quick to point out this:

Apple: Wow kaku [aunt as in chachi in marathi], agar itni asani se 7th cloud ko touch kar sakte to kitna accha hota na ?

Me: err.. ? hain [comfy ;)] hmm…well…yea…I know 😦

Continuing to be into our rendezvous mode like me checking with her about her school and friends and what she’s going to do next in her summer vacations etc etc… she threw some light on some trivial yet simpler things…like

Apple: kaku which is your favourite alphabet ?

Me: hain ? fav alphabet ? never thought about it girl…umm..

Apple: It would be N only na ?

Me: oh and why is that?

Apple: because your name starts with N,so there…

Well,how simple the solution appeared na ? I would have probably thought about my fav alphabet..but hey what would be the parameters to decide that ? So,here’s the simplest way…!!

Apple: kaku,you know it’s so nice to have the entire house to yourself ?

Me: Really? No’s boring to be lonely..

Apple: Oh no! It’s not’s the do what you want to and however you want to..

Me: Well,what does that include ? [being inquisitive !]

Apple: Like you know reading,sleeping,watching television,chatting with friends on gtalk [!],eating maggie all the time,not getting up early…oh kaku just the way you had your time while you lived in Mumbai away from all of us !

Me: [laughing !] But hey I did go to work too and  had to do some work for maintaining the house.monitored the maid and ..all this all by myself…above all I missed your kaka too much 😦

Apple: But then it is always better to have single life than sharing it with someone…like you know getting married and all is not that great an idea..I need my own space and I’ll be happy being single !

Me: [thinking how to tell her that marriage is such a great institution where in you enjoy each other’s company and give each other the required space as well]

I swear…I really did feel taken aback at some things thinking how will my kids behave or think or ask questions…working with children is sure brain racking and we need to be on our toes all the time to satisfy their queries and guide them in the right direction ! Along with we teaching them I guess it’s lot of learning for us as well…It’s like growing again with different views and perspectives…like the alphabet tells you that the solutions are really simpler and we need to just keep our eyes,ears and brain open !

28 thoughts on “That Kid and This Me !

      1. secondly, she seems to be very intelligent – all this analysis!

        thirdly you seem to be the cool aunt for a growing girl to come and discuss Life(with a capital ‘L’) with you 😀 😀 (kudos)

        so what did you answer her finally?

        1. secondly,right she is no doubt pretty intelligent and
          logical too…

          thirdly,you are totally right…we are so much alike..and we are more of friends than this aunt-niece…in fact people in our family say that she Nu part-2 :) know like junior Nu 🙂

          Well, I told her what I exactly felt that marriage is a great thing to take place in our lives and I gave her our how H and me are bonded like friends and we do give each other the required ‘me’ space etc.etc.. and also sealed the topic by saying that let’s wait and’s a long time before we get you married 😛

          I hope I did justice to her thoughts 🙂

          1. yayyyy am first 😀 😀

            I can imagine me asking this question to my aunt and getting replies such as
            – you take birth as a girl to get married and become somebody else’s property
            – then yu give birth to kids, which completes you
            – and of course worshipping your in-laws will guarantee a place for you in the heaven
            😛 😛

            1. oh what are you serious ? thank god I didn’t answer either of these na ? but I think that generation WAS [is] like that to think and inflict the same around 🙂

  1. Brace all questions with a straight face and a brave heart…thats my mantra 🙂

    These kids know a lot more than we did at this age…its tough to convince them with improper answers..

    1. you are absolutely right…kids these days won’t take a stupid reasoning,like we used to take it,they require logic and sometimes proves in terms of examples 😛

  2. baap se..aaj kal ke bache..dimag daudta hai wo logo ka…kya hoga jab humare bache honge tab? God please help us and give us wise kids only 😛

  3. Wow! she said all that, 13, just a tweenager and so smart re…. Kids observe and their views are quite simple and interesting, lot of fodder for us serious thinking adults… their way of saying take a break…don’t have to think too much..

    How’s u girl, me back to square one, fit and on my toes… ya and in vacation…heee:)))

    1. you are right Pinoo…kids show us the simpler ways of looking at life 🙂

      hey me good..taking exams in the classroom 😛 vacation kab khatam ho rahi hai teri ?

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