18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-5

  1. A Dad’s promise
    was a promise,
    and so she sat
    her chin
    resting on the table,
    eyes full,
    for him to come.

    the frills
    of her frock
    under her
    constantly restless legs,
    a tear
    stopped halfway
    down her cheeks.

    The sound
    of a door closing,
    and he appeared,
    a carton
    under his arm.
    They faced
    each other
    across the table,
    her eyes alight,
    a smile
    waiting to happen,
    and she drank in the view
    as he unveiled…..

    with vanilla icecream,
    so cold,
    that wisps
    of white vapour,
    rose up to her,
    I’m ALL yours !”…..

    1. aww..sweetie..take one then 🙂 and hey if I’m not wrong you guys just came back from s’pore a month back na ? LOL…I know holidays are never enuf !! me too planning for one now while the last one was in Nov ’09 😉

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