That One Hour !

When did you last take the candle light dinner ? And hey remember those antakshari days ? We used to play when there was no power at the entire family used to gather at one place and sing songs and may be played dumb charades in the candle light ? Fun times na ?

So you can do all that and more again…by making the earth hour happen today from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm !! Join the campaign and switch off all electrical appliances for an your bit and save the electricity !

No, don’t think that what if you don’t shut down for an hour OR what will happen if only you will shut down for an hour…every person has to just think about contributing his / her bit..nothing less nothing more ! 

And is that too much hectic or tough to do ? It’s certainly better than catching that early morning bus or cooking or doing the household-chores or working [slogging] in the office,studying, etc etc…it’s nothing tough and doesn’t need any of your energy to shut down for an hour,hai na ?

Lot of us in general take electricity and other scarce resources as for granted…we need to stop doing that FOR SURE ! Let’s start from today and continue saving these resources for our future generation..they will certainly need all this like we do,right ?


25 thoughts on “That One Hour !

  1. very thoughtful post..but how many people will not watch IPL? these notices fall in the deaf ears most of the times..the malls won't shut; the theatres will go on; the sports bars and restaurants will work..but a few of us can make a difference too..:)

  2. yeah.. i participated in the earth hour too..tried to get a few of my neighbours to join too (failed flat).. but must say, my parents were a sport and let me pt the home in dark, no fans, no ac, no fridge, no tv, computer, nothing.. and man, it did feel good.. better than the last earth hour. 'cos this time I let out my sweat for it..and it kind of made me feel proud "wow! I put my sweat and blood into the earth hour"and Gosh, i terribly miss those occasional current cuts and the awesome time we had.. we used to literally wait for it.

  3. Incidentally we switched off. Although I am a die hard KKR fan and my team was playing that day, we turned off the TV for an hour. And missed dada's 50 and Manoj Tiwary's knock. But it was only for an hour, how could people not do it?

  4. @Neha: YAY you are 🙂 That's the whole.."boond boond se banta hai sagar" and that's how little contributions will make big difference some day,I'm sure..

  5. @Celestial: Oh O! What summers re..think about it this way:What if it was a forced power cut ? then ? At least we had this chance to do it on our own 🙂

  6. @Meenakshi: I'm so glad and feel porud that not only you participated but you tried to pull in others as well 🙂 We need more such more people to save our planet 🙂 Oh well..the old days are always so good na ?

  7. @Kavi: yeah I understand about the cricket and all going in..but that's where the priorities come into picture..either one chooses to see the IPL today or chooses to loose electricity in the future 🙂

  8. @Aparna: I know you must missed the action but despite you guys followed in and that's commendable..that's for the people to think..they can't live without electricity for this one hour..what if there is no electricity ever in future 😦

  9. Read this a little late, but a very thoughful post it is. I observed the Earth Hour last year and this year too and you are right, it doesn't take any extra effort or energy. Both these times, I spent the time at the balcony with a cup of tea 🙂

  10. I went on a night trek that weekend. Obviously all the lights at home were switched off and we were out in the breezy mountains trekking in the moonlight. It was an awesome feeling 🙂

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