Public and Authorities..Sab Rule Breakers !

Sometime back I had written about the Musical Concert by Hridaynath Mageshkar and said that I’ll write this one a bit later. So here !

We are not unknown to public senselessness when it comes to behaving in public,crowd,parties,on roads,movie halls etc. Few examples that I frequently come across and I keep wondering why this public does not behave ?

There are umpteen number of mobiles ringing in the middle of the concert.Oh everyone is expecting PM’s call at the same time,you see !

Children keep running everywhere and shouting.They think they have come to a playground !Parents think they can get rid of their children for a while!

People make char-char sounds.How? Well while eating chips,opening that polyethylene bag that they have carried with them.Passing on the tiffin to the uncle sitting in the extreme corner of the row..etc…etc.Musical Picnic they think they are at !

People wave big HIs in all the happiness that they spotted their friends amongst the huge crowd ! Spot and Win game they think !

People drive in an anticipation that we, the people behind, know where are they going and when would they take a left or a right ! I wish I would know ‘unke mann mein kya chal raha hai’

Traffic signals are for just me and people like me ! For others there are no rules..Driving is fun anyway so why waste time in following rules,ya?

Sometimes you will find people rushing fast on the highest possible speed of their car / bike..Don’t misunderstand them..they are in hurry because their husband / wife is running with someone else !!

It’s been over 2 years of your marriage and you still don’t have kids or even a sign of it..Of course you have some fertility problems and people will pour in audaciously to tell you what to do and where to go-without even knowing whether you really do have ‘the’ problem !

In the cinema hall you go to watch the movie peacefully and enjoy it would surely find people talking constantly to each other or on phone ! The ‘switch off the mobile and your mouth’ falls on deaf ears,sigh !

Come to talk of the policemen.Specially,traffic policemen.They are seasonal actors.Meaning they only play their real role when they need some money..

Classic case that I came across just day before:A police wala driving a bike,just in front of me,talking on mobile with one hand..he broke the signal and continued talking on mobile till almost 2-3 kms…What an example when the authorities will do this, people won’t shy away from breaking the rules na ?

I can keep on listing them…but you know what I’m trying to jot down here right ?
I’m sure you must have come across several such incidences..what do you do when you are into these situations ?


12 thoughts on “Public and Authorities..Sab Rule Breakers !

  1. Hawwww.. I know what this feels like.. it's my pet peeve too.. along with bad body odor and shrill tone of talking =PI had been to a Zakir Hussain Concert recently and was appalled when a front row VVIP was talking on the phone as Zakir Hussain – THE Ustad played on.. ZK was so peeved, he stopped the concert and asked the man to go to his green room and talk in privacy!GOSH!

  2. ROFL Nu! what observation and analysis :)What about people running and crossing roads in front of a car, without the signal,taking all the risks it involves- 'They know cars have breaks' πŸ™‚

  3. oh there are so many such incidences whereby you see such things happening..and you know the worst thing – they have those stupid songs as their ringtone!!!! it is so damn irritating..and those gossips in the prayer meet of someone's demise..that irritates me the most..great post..

  4. Alas, Nu! Nothing but nothing can be done. Trust me, everybody is struck with this 'chalta hai' attitude… no one has any respect for the artiste performing, or for fellow audience. And people will ALWAYS be worried about someone else's marital or parental status. *Sigh*.

  5. Gawd! Dont you get me started on this Nu. This comment section won't suffice. I think I will second every rant there. πŸ™‚

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