Whose fault is it anyway ?

Came across this incident while returning from the university.

A car wala was holding an autowala’s shirt by collar and shouting. I reached just near the spot and had to halt since the jhagda was going right at the signal.I,like others,looked at the scene and tried to figure out what’s exactly happening. Within seconds I realised that the auto wala was taking a left turn and as per him he gave the indicator but the car wala missed it and since both of these guys were in pretty slow speed they hit each other but thankfully it didn’t turn out to be an accident and nobody was hurt at all-so it seemed !

But then what was the fight all about ? The car wala was accusing the auto wala for not giving indicator and for the tiny scratch that his car had ! Sigh…in all this jhagda the car wala tore auto wala’s shirt-since he was pulling him towards him and was holding his collar…

From what all I saw and understood, I really felt the car wala was wrong in this case since it was not a big dent to fight for and specially when the auto wala was behaving and constantly saying “saab maine indicator diya tha..” ..

I have seen auto wala’s ganging and fighting and talking in ill language too with these car wala’s but this gentlemen was simply saying to let him go and that it was not his fault anyway !

Think about this..the auto wala lost his shirt which might cost him his entire day’s pay…but the car wala will lose only few bucks which won’t give a dent to his monthly pay,I’m sure !

Moreover the fight was on the signal spot which was blocking the way for the vehicles to move ahead. It’s another point altogether !

Why did this car wala felt strong against this auto wala ? May be because the auto wala was submissive ? Or it was really his fault ? Or the car wala was just showing attitude over the poor auto wala ? Why do people get into these fights ? What’s the ultimate solution and how do we decide whose wrong ?

What would you do if you were there instead of this car wala  ?


26 thoughts on “Whose fault is it anyway ?

  1. The perfect solution to these kind of problems is have CCTV on roads. Over here Nu, even if you park in a no-parking space, the CCTV takes a picture of your car, with a couple of weeks, you are sent a letter along with this photo specifying the fee amount.

    So, such accidents can be quickly resolved, without fighting if we have CCTVs on roads. Too much free time on hands of these people to fight on the roads and disrupt traffic!

    1. I know re..but this is India..and you know how it is here…we are still running behind schedule to reach to the perfect state ! Till then it’s the people who can save themselves from behaving badly !

        1. for that the people who will fine these ones should be first present on duty !! It’s like you start finding one fault and you end up knowing that there are hundreds of loop holes !!

          Attitude is the biggest problem..integrity second !

  2. a few extra bucks make people really proud..they think too high of themselves..why to harass others for pampering your stupid ego? sick people honestly..

  3. There was this really funny ad – Radio Mirchi ad, “Na tumne signal dekha, naa maine signal dekha, accident ho gaya rabba rabba, bara dent ho gaya rabba rabba…” I feel we need more such campaigns which make us see the meaninglessness of losing one’s temper in case of an accident 😦

  4. Where were the traffic constables ? Since they were holding up traffic, I think maybe you should have jumped out and shouted at them to move on. You will be amazed at what the sight of an unexpected lady telling-them-off can do.

    (I once did this at one of the numerous subways below the flyovers on the Western Express highway in Mumbai, as there was just continuous one way traffic on a legal two way road, and they wouldnt allow us to take a turn. A couple of folks braked in shock on seeing me standing there with an angry look on my face, directing cars, some decent rickshawallas kind of detoured, and I dashed into the car as we took the turn followed by all the traffic that was held up. I did hear some galees from motorcycle hero types, but luckily didnt know the meaning :-). I must say the rickshawallas were much better behaved. )

    next time this happens, you know what to do ….:-)

  5. May be the car guy knew he was at fault and was using ‘Offense as the best defense’ to save himself from the fast accumulating crowd. May be he wanted the autowala to think, ”I have a car and you are a mere autowala, I’m right and you’re wrong’! It might be a rare submissive autowala who was more aware of the inconvenience caused.

  6. I think in this case Carwala was wrong..he should not have tored poor chaps shirt..whoever’s fault it may be..but ultimately both are suffering in lesser or bigger manner..so its upto everyone to be concious while driving 🙂 If i would have been in carwala’s place..would have definitely let it go..at least in this case..where i m not at bigger loss !

  7. Poor autowala! feel so bad for him…u are right Nu – just coz the guy was submissive…in case a few auto guys would have gathered..the carwala would have lost his b**** and run off!

    For a small dent – i would never get off but a few years ago, while i was waiting at a signal – a truck driver came really close to my car and broke the side mirror of my new car…that time i did get off and fight and i was so angry that i am ashamed to say i did ask him to pay me…he paid me some money and the minute i took it i felt so miserable – i wish i had given it back to him… 😦

    1. oh it’s okay at least you are accepting that you did make a mistake or you might have let him go types…but there are people who won’t learn from one incident and will keep on massaging their egos !

  8. I never know what to do in such cases. when its a small scratch or bump I give them a glare and sometimes some taunts depending on the mood. But i wonder what I’d do if someone hits me really hard someday? should I demand payment? in which case how would i know how much to demand? or should i fight and then go to the nearest garage, cursing my fate! SIGH!

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