She and Him-The smses !

The hubby and me have a fight and then we resort to the war [read=no talking ].Finally after waiting for a night and the next morning the hubby realises that me is not going to melt down and break the silence ! *evil grin* !! 😉

The Hubby is also not very keen yet [!] to resolve and he goes to the office. After a while I get an sms:

Hubby: You are a bad girl,you are not talking to me !

Me: No response 😉

Hubby: But I still love you !

Me: *ahh,the trap* I know that ! You don’t have any other option but love me !! *;)*

Hubby: Oh is that so ? How do you know that I have no other options by the way !

Me: *Ooops :O* I know you very well and nobody but me can handle you ! *feeling victorious*

Hubby: *no reply*

Me: *Thinking to self..really ? Does he have options ? *

Hubby: Hmm…accha !

Me: *Feeling a bit jealous or fearful or wahtever about nothing :P* Okay,okay now get your work done and come home asap..the lunch would be ready for you 🙂 And me waiting too ! *finally gave in,sigh !*

Hubby: hahahaha…See I told you,you are a bad girl but I love you !

Me:*hmmmpf..his trick worked !!*

So that’s how he talked me into resolving !! 🙂 Life’s tid-bits give us so much to learn,remember and cherish ! Life’s like that and it’s too good to be wasted 🙂  Love your loved ones and cherish the relationships in your life ! 


34 thoughts on “She and Him-The smses !

  1. @Varsh: YAY you are 🙂 How stubborn you are 😛 Poor A !! ;)@Swaru: Nope dahling :(@Chica: I posted your comment but blogger only knows where did it went 😦 Sorry da !

  2. Can't help it…I'm hard to please (myself too)! :PAnd A knows that very well…and he gets creative then…first I love you…then the same thing spelt backwards…then pictures of hearts…God!Guess he enjoys it, and purposes does it all 😀

  3. Ayyayyo me third 😦 Hw sad :(Never never possible on this side :PI am so bad @ cold wars 😦 that I tell him 5 mins after telling him that he is the worst that he is the best 😦

  4. @Varsh: WOW…too much hai jee..tu bhi na..I will still say poor A 🙂 and how cute of him to all this 🙂 wow!! Pat on his back,you see 🙂

  5. @ Nu – wars create spice in married life…i rem once i mailed a senti letter to him (the time we had an heated argument)and he came in the middle of his office and hugged me…and smiled at me….my gussaa….fushhhhhh…..i too smiled…@ Varsh – Gr8 yaar…but i think that A enjoys ur gussa too….one gana dedicated to ur gussa dear….ask A to sing it for u…Tera gussa itna hasin hai toh pyaar kaisa hoga….and sure he waits for that tooo……

  6. my case, I am the one sending the first sms – a furious one making him realize somehow that it's his mistakes..then there are 4-5 argument exchange smses and then he manaoing me and me showing the tenth sms; we are love u and all that..but this happens rarely so ok otherwise proving each time that he is wrong with new ecuses is a helluva task 😛

  7. You guys are making me jealous.I have never received a single sms from hubby proclaiming he loved me, bad girl or otherwise. He must be the strong, silent types…at least that's how I console myself.

  8. @Neha: I'm the same as you have mentioned but this time hubby started the smsing first and guess that how he won 😛 watever..these tid-bits are lovely in married life,hai na ?

  9. @Aparna: Hehehe.. I like the tone of your sounded like a little girl complaining 😛 I'm mighty sure Mr. that side is strong at heart… 🙂

  10. @Comfy: Thankiee 🙂 Yeah husbands know which button to press..given that females have so many buttons 😉 Reminded me of a fwd email saying that a man has only one button to turn him on..[get undressed] but a female has so many buttons that a man will never knows which one to press to turn her on !! and there were two pics-one with a big box and one switch and other with big box with too many switches 😉

  11. Cute…very, very, very cute!!! PS – Something to do with the nice new template, but the words are not very readable; the shades of the template doing that, maybe. Had to really straing to read the chain of SMS and then the closure too.

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