No awards from me BUT……

I’m very happy that I have received so many awards from Varsh here. Ironically have no awards to pass on to my readers and my blog friends 😦 But hey hang on ! I have something to tell you here,today !

In my 3 years of blogging journey I have gone through a lot of things here,most of all in positive sense like- 

  • made real friends out of virtual :),
  • had increased number of readers and followers,
  • written anything and everything fearlessly which came to my mind,
  • attended bloggers meet,
  • inspired cajoled few of my friends to start blogging [and they are fab bloggers today,I tell you],
  • planned and attended virtual baby shower,
  • started 4 other blogs [ 😉 check the right hand side panel ]

A little khatta experience also but it is not for this post ! Sometime later 🙂

All in all a great journey so far.I want to thank and write something about few of the bloggers here on my blogs’ 3rd B’day [YAY]..I’m writing in no particular order…just expressing my views and feelings…

Titaxy: The very first reader of my blog ! And trust me till date she is my saviour from all my blogging related problems 🙂 A partner in crime…errr….a co-author of the books blog 🙂 and a very sweet human being ! Loves to read and eat ice-cream 🙂 Her posts would take you through the past and bring you back to the present in memories and mirages !

My message to you : I love you 🙂 And I think you are very sweet..stay the way you are..keep writing !

G:The first blogger whom I met in person ! And trust me I never felt that I don’t know her 🙂 Shes a dah-ling and a very good friend now 🙂 We share a great bond and we chat a lot with each other about our daily tit-bits of day to day life 🙂 She believes and in speaking up and jotting down !

My message to you: G,I’m glad we became friends..I’m happy to know a person like you ! Love you loads 🙂 and you know I’m just an sms / ping away whenever you need me 🙂 Start writing [again ;)]

Psych Babbler:A psycho..errr…kidding 🙂 A very good psychologist who understands people very well. Committed to her job and reading ! She loves Gilly 😉 Her posts are as easy to read as chatting over cup of coffee.. And yeah she is another co-author of our books blog 🙂 

My message to you: I won’t say I know you completely but we share a bond so much so that we see each other in our dreams 😉 Friends,YAY !! You rock doc 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

Ugich Konitari: An intelligent soul on this blogosphere. She changes her state often-sometimes a mother figure,sometimes a friend..she is a lovely lady with loads of wit..Go Gappa with her 🙂

My message to you I really feel I’m lucky to meet you in person and also thank you to pull me in to the blogger’s meet 🙂

Aparna: Another intelligent blogger here.I just love reading her posts.She has all flavours in her posts in her corner of the world 🙂

My message to you: Aparna,you remind of my childhood and how my parents  brought me up and there is a positive vibe that I feel when I read your blog 🙂

Comfy,Divi and Revs: The best friends that I made while we were planning for the baby shower 🙂 I’m glad Titaxy and Divi pulled me in and I got to know so many fab ladies out there 🙂 These 3 bloggers are fab writers. You will find great stuff at their blogs and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed reading them even once..those who read them agreeing in a nod,I can see 🙂

My message to you 3: Best friends 🙂 I enjoy the chat sessions,comment chats and loads of fun through emails 🙂 I’m glad to have known you all and still in the process…I love you gals very very much !! All the sands of time are priceless and timeless in our own little world of blogging and joy 🙂

A super special mention to Buzzie Pie..Comfy’s daughter in reality but belongs to our gang virtually !! We all love her sooooooo much !! She is such dah-ling and we all can’t just pass our days without reading about her 🙂 *flying kiss at Buzzie Pie*

Varsh:My dear blogger friend and chat friend and scrabble friend AND my school friend 🙂 .She writes so well that you feel like her posts should never end..always ready to provide food for thought to us readers 🙂 

My message to you: Muuuuuah dahling 🙂 Love you !

Swaram:Witty,funny,intelligent,the-know-it-all,sabki fav and a very good human being 🙂 her blog will always hum a sweet song of life !!

My message to you: Keep writing funny know we love reading 😛 Keep updating your FB know we give you loads of ideas to make a post out of them ;). I’m glad to have you as my friend

Rohini:Another friend who is now a blogger friend too 🙂 She is an honest writer and writes direct dil se 🙂 and each of her post will tell you that one should be happy and positive in life 🙂

My message to you: Rohini !!!!! You are a sweetheart 🙂 We are friends since almost 10+ years now…feels like yesterday 🙂 Keep writing dear 🙂

Reema:Have started reading her recently and we share the same occupation.Her posts are random thoughts but as real as life and I like them !

My message to you:There is a connection, which I can feel while reading you or when you comment on my blog, will make us good friends in long run 🙂 YAY !

Neha Silam:Another witty lady on the block…gawwd these people are so intelligent,real mein 🙂 A lawyer by profession and seems to be a good human 😉 Go check her blog and you will find something about everything under one roof err..I mean page 😛

My message to you: Within no time we became friends and that’s what I like about you..frank,free and on the face girl !! I like that 🙂

I have met Vivek,Kavi,Manju,Harekrishnaji and Sucharita in person and these are few great bloggers that I know 🙂 Looking forward to meet you guys again 🙂

Few blogger dosts who are missing these days from the blog world for they are busy studying or on a holiday or aren’t keeping well or just lazing around..they are my dear dosts and important of the blogger in me 🙂

  • Ani– he silently expresses his thoughts and he has been silent for so long:(
  • lovely dost…loads of pins and ashes at her place
  • Meira-This lady has everything in her and happy hours begin at her blog 🙂 
  • Neha K– She is one lovely lady who will always be smiling and will tell you to live rather than just existing !
  • Kanupriya-An irregular blogger 😉 but writes so well that you will sure be hooked to her blog !

I have recently started reading Kavya and Maverickshree and Nuttie Natters and Chandrika… I’m so liking them 🙂 YAY girls,you all rock 🙂

Special mention to Dido !! Girlie,hugs to you..I met her in the baby shower planning..though we are not too much involved offline but there’s no need for that…as it is we have a great bonding 🙂 

Another special mention to Meghana. She is on the way to become a very good friend..there is something between us which has clicked and I can say that what all she writes I’m one of the few who really understand that 😉 A photographer..and no doubt intelligent human being here !

So I’m done here.. I can keep on talking about all these fab people in this blogo world..this world has given a new dimension to my life and I can feel the difference. I love this world and the people here 🙂 It sure is a great platform to make friends,put forward your views and rant whenever you want to 🙂 I have enjoyed my stay so far which is evident !! And I hope to keep writing and keep knowing great people around here ! 

I want to tell you all today that you share the success of ‘Randomness’…for making it what it is today ! Because of you all I could jump on to start another 4 blogs and fortunately they are also running successfully 🙂 Thank you all and very happy b’day to ‘Randomness’ !! YAY !


88 thoughts on “No awards from me BUT……

  1. U rock Nu! Seriously, hw sweet is this one ..nahi, nahi … nt only bcoz u hv written such ahem sweet words abt me and believing that I am intelligent and good .. ahh! I hv succeeded in deceiving ppl lol ;)Wish u loaaaaads on the special journey and hope we get more and more random musings here and that u trot along happily and bond more with books and be popular in the Corporate populace too 😀 And I cud so relate with the baby shower part. Though I ws nt a part of it, I got to Comfy, Divz and Dido only thru that one and I am so glad I took pains 😛 😛 cracking those puzzles ;)Mala tu khoop avadtes … Dev tuze bhale karo 😛 😛

  2. yayy! I read the post before your mail. :)that time my name wasn't there. hmpf. so i took out my phone to msg and ask why not. Then I realised I don't have your number. Then I also realised how dumb I am!!! Duh duh! Emailing you right away 🙂

  3. @Swaru: My gawd !! Such nice least typing is good that ways :P..I'm glad you liked what all I wrote about you…and girl..the trick of taking all the blog names in one line 🙂 YAY 🙂 Love you dost…muuuuaaah !

  4. a very happy birthday to Randomness and many many congratulations to the lady behind it..a wonderful tribute to your readers..they are all amazing people..and seeing my name makes me feel so proud..I am a newcomer in the group of Masters..wish you many more successes in life..I will for sure read the posts of these people mentioned here..Love,Nice Human 😀

  5. @Meira: LOL !! hehehe…tu bhi na..sacchi..happy hours hai bilkul 🙂 How come your name would not be there…aisa ho nahi sakta 😛

  6. See .. I learnt all those words for u and wrote them here … feelings matter no 😛 :PLuved what u wrote abt T and Meira too .. cn so relate to them :)And eh, G hs almost forgotten me 😦 sob sob :(Nice reminder for PnA too 😛 She is holidaying too much :P***Waves @ G and hopes she notices 😛 😛 ***LOL .. rocking post .. I said all that I want to buhahahahha :DWhat abt Buzzu-pie?

  7. You mean where I wrote 4 instead of 3? Thats because there are too many numbers on my mind…3…4…your phone number…my phone number…the ticket number….(i'm leaving tomorrow) and the time….so P.H.E.WSooooooper mail though 🙂

  8. @Swaru: I'm loving the spamming thing here 😛 carry on doctor..LOL…hey which mail Meira talking idea 😦 Wrote about buzzie pie too..check ! 🙂

  9. @Meira: yeah I meant you wrote 4 instead of 3..hehe…too many number on your mind han…hahaha…go Meira..have great fun at holiday and come back soon…we need the dose of happiness !

  10. @Meira: I told you gals..carry on and do what all you like to… too enjoying the approving comment and replying to them 🙂 LOL…we are mads!!!

  11. Awwwwwwwwwww {wipes a happy tear}Mmmuahs babe :DYou totally made my day! You are the sweetest blogger friend I have come across and chatting with you is so much fun :DStay the same always – you rock!Oh yess, happy birthday Randomness, you are ageing beautifully 😀

  12. @Celestial: Dahling I reciprocate the same feeling…wiping tears this side too…awww…tune mujhe senti kar diya 🙂 Chal hug de ab !!

  13. dil toh bachcha hai ji…bilkul sahi kaha ji. Par yeh Swaram kahaan chali gayi??? Kaunse dinon ko yaad kar rahi hai?? Jaldi aa…mujhe aur 10 minutes mein nikalna hai:D

  14. Thats chooooo chweeeetttttt Nu!!!Thank you so much for those lovely words darling…you know you mean the same to me too, dont you??And I cant thank you enough for getting me to blog…or I'd never have made so many friends out here…Comfy…Titaxy…Rohini….Muaaaaaaaaah!!!

  15. oh my god, this is so beautiful Nu. Thank you soooo much for mentioning my name. Me loves you too, you know that right? 🙂 Many many happy returns of the day to Randomness. I've loved being a part of your journey, dear blog 🙂

  16. @Titaxy: Yes yes I know that you love me 🙂 YAY…happiness everywhere 🙂 Stay the way you are to me 🙂 MuuuaaahRandomness says thankiiee 🙂

  17. Wishing your blog a wonderful birthday !And am totally amazed to see myself in your list ; am greatly honored, thank you ! (Switch to motherly mode 🙂 Anek Aashirwad …..

  18. WOW…happy for you and your blog…you are a terrific blogger and more so, you are an amazing person and one of the best people I have met through blogging. Keep it up, girl… are simply awesome!

  19. Nuuuuu..don't know what to do first..thank you..or congratulate I am going to do the happy dance for both at the same time.Here is to many many more years of Randomness and friendship..Muah..

  20. @Neha K: I'm happy too to be friends with you apart from blog world..and I'm glad the confusion took place between us..or else we would have never met 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday dear RamdomnessHappy Birthday to you….wow! my name up there too..Happy dance:)))I know, holidaying, lazing around I know that me hain na Swar..heee Time to buck up…many pics and titbits to share…U my lovely dost Nu..mwaaaaaaaaaaah:)))pinooooooo

  22. Hello gud afternoon and wish u a happy week ahead :PThis is to prove I ws bk here to check the responses, lest Nu thinks I did nt 😛 :PBtw, G did nt read my msg to her 😦 :(Hv a gr8888 vacation Meira 😀

  23. Hey Nu.. congratulation for your journey and all the best.. What a tribute to the bloggers.. very nice.. Thanks for the compliments for my blog, though i have started blogging recently..

  24. Happy 3rd b'day to u!!! 😀 How in heaven's name are u managing 4 blogs? I am so distracted these days that I am not able to do justice to even one. Hopefully by next week, I shud b a abit more relaxed.

  25. Thank you so much Nu 🙂 You've made me a very happy girl. I'm so glad to have known you and for having worked with you on the baby shower. Cant wait to see you on the other side of the surprise 😛 Are you still at the hanky-panky bit? 😉

  26. Happy Birthday to Randomness. Would have wished on time but I was out of town.I am so honoured to see my name in the rolls. You have been my most ardent supporter and I really am glad I found you.Gosh I am becoming senti here. So will stop before I embarrass myself. Cheers girl, may you and your blogs celebrate many more birthdays together.

  27. @Aparana: hey thanks lady..on time or belated..doesn't matter..wishes matter 🙂 And senti..:) why re?? Yes I'm your ardent supporter and will be the one 🙂

  28. happy birthday to randomness, me glad that the journey has continued with all the ups and downs,all the highs and lows ……all the praises and criticisms(thats so me…)…..hoping that randomness negotiates all the twists and turns even in the future…..

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