Glad to receive and pass on :)-EDITED !!

Yeah glad to show-off that I received this from Comfy and Dido 🙂 Thank you so much girls !! I love the way you keep showering love on me 🙂 muuuwaah !

And I am suppose to write three things I love about myself and also to post a picture I love and finally to pass it on to 5 lovely bloggers 🙂 Okay not a tough task I must say 🙂 3 things and a picture suits me well 😛

3 things that I love about self:

  1. My attitude: That I have it and in right amounts 🙂 and also that I know to use is it in right place 😉 and that I’m an extrovert !!!
  2. Fun-loving: I love life !! Those who really know me  say that “I’m full of life” and that I can talk forever 🙂
  3. Honesty:I loved the lesson our teachers taught us-“honesty is the best policy” 🙂 And I’m glad I manage to be honest 🙂

The picture that I love a lot [won’t say the most..there are too many]

The 5 people I want to pass these lovely cup-cakes and the TAG 😛 are : Please let me pass it on to few more,can’t help but break the rule of 5 !! 😉





Psych Babbler


Maverick Shree

42 thoughts on “Glad to receive and pass on :)-EDITED !!

  1. Talk forever I am sure 😛 LOL juz kidding … nice points there. I hv got to do this one tooo .. still thinking what I luv abt myself 😉 😉

    Nice pic 🙂 🙂 Congrats NU 😀

    1. thankiee Swaru 🙂 can be rest assured that I can talk forever 🙂 And kitne tag pending rakhegi??? I have stopped tagging you because of this 😛

        1. are you were already awarded this one so thought let others take the chance 😛 and tune bhi mujhe sirf ek hi diya 😦 I don’t know which one is remaining…you only keep saying you have to do’ve to do that 😛 lol

  2. After knowing someone for too long it gets a bit irritating to be able to predict what the other person’s going to write. I knew you’d write the same points 😛

    Nice pic of your shadows 🙂

  3. Loved the pic…
    And three things about you makes your personality unique…
    Great to know more about you…

    Do you live in Indore ?Hope I am not being personal..It’s up to you whether you wish to answer it or not..

    1. thanks for the pic 🙂 thank you again for the personality comment 🙂 YAY and hey that puts me in did you think that I live in Indore ? Just curious 🙂

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