Wordless Wednesday-9


50 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-9

  1. 😀 Don’t tell me you have so many!! I had one and can barely find it when I want it. And the brand Gala made me laugh 😛

    1. yeah I own all these 😛 though I apply them only when my mood permits 🙂 And why did Gala made you laugh ? any story behind it ?? 😉

  2. hey nice collection u have….u check my nail paint story in my recent post ….
    i rarely use them..but i loved the way u assembeled and falunted here…

  3. When I see nail paint, well reminds me of my dad… He went of a trip abroad and brought back all the available paints in the shop. When asked why so many or all of them, he said, he had a daughter who changed colours every now and then. So said the shopkeeper, keep the remover too, will help her while changing and she’ll be happy too..Dad bought 50 colours including black back from the trip heee:))

  4. Wow.. That’s some collection. lol I don’t use nail paint but have a few of them gathering dust somewhere in the drawers.
    Good way of arranging them. I too started a WW today. Always thought I will but forgot. thanks for reminder 😀

  5. I remembered my collection I left back at home…most of them must’ve dried up and spoilt…every time I saw a nice shade I had an immediate urge to pick it up…though I very rarely apply them…Mom loves them and uses them more than me 🙂 😉

      1. Ohh you should…she has a biggg collection of nail paints as well as lipsticks…and she makes sure she tries out whatever she’s bought…not like me…simply money down the drain 😛

    1. yayiee…we are being proved similar in so many fields 🙂

      a bit busy and rest cut off with blogosphere..generally 🙂 will be back soon !

  6. Hey !! great collection of nail paints…At present I have few of them but yes before marriage I had a large collection like this only…..
    loved all of them…

  7. Please courier
    the one on the extreme left bottom row
    last but one on extreme right on the bottom row
    fourth in the middle row
    seventh in the bottom row

    Hell! just courier them all..i NEED!

    The Nut
    Mumbai, India, Asia, World…umm u get the drift

        1. heheh 🙂 I’m just here only…got stuck up in work ..but another few days and I’m back with a zing to the blog world 🙂

          You take them all yarr 🙂

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