Blogrolling and Why ?

THE  blog world.So many blogs and authors around. Some are your friends and some become your friends in the blogging process. The question that comes to my mind [yeah lot of questions in mind these days :P] why do you read someone’s blog ?

As for me here’s why I read the blogs that I read:

  • I like the way the author writes.
  • I like the topics being expressed at the blog..the variety.
  • Apart from the above two reasons the author is my friend.
  • I have come across the blog through a good friends’ blog [since I read this friend may be what he or she reads is going to be as good as her own blog-just may be].
  • I accidently land on someone’s blog and after reading few posts I start liking it.
  • I reach the blog through the blog adda picks or some reference by someone.
  • Sometimes the look and feel and even the name of the blog itself  attracts me and I start reading it.

Over a period of time blogging has become vital to my routine.I started to blog because I was very emotional the other day [about the end of the MBA course and departures] and thought that the blog would be a good way of venting it all out of my system. That day I didn’t think that I would read so many other blogs or have so many great pals here or would have so many readers. I never thought in this manner and yet reached to level that I’m so happy blogging and now whatever I do or see the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘I’ll put it on my blog’ ! It’s the joy of sharing things with you people..and the medium to express my thoughts is what I love about blogging the most.

Okay this remind me of something that someone told me few days back. It was lingering in mind since then and I really wanted to take it out then and there but thought to let it settle down a bit.Yes, I don’t want it to be a big issue but as said earlier..I can’t forget !

“My posts are not worth commenting.Meaning there is nothing to comment on my posts except ‘nice’,’wow’..etc.’ and this is not what the commenter wants to type in and hence doesn’t comment.”

But the person claims to read all my posts.Okay not an issue. My only query is Don’t I have any such post which is eligible for more than a ‘wow’ or a ‘nice’…really ? You are my readers and quiet regular at that…why don’t you judge and tell me !


41 thoughts on “Blogrolling and Why ?

  1. you know, when I really like the post and if the post leaves me speechless; I do not comment there..weird but I don’t like to say a plain wow as that sounds very fake..

  2. hmm… dnt bother about wot the other person says…. its ur blog.. and its ur wish.. u can write woteva u want… whether the reader likes it or not…!!! its none of his business…!! ur blog is for u to write… let the rest of the world go to khadda 😛 …

    if u’ve noticed… even i dnt get much comments… but its okayy Nu.. as long as we hav frds who sincerely read our blog n comment does it matter…!!

    Main hu na.. !!! I like ur blog..!!! and trust me Some of ur postss are more than the “wOW” 😉 ….

    1. now that’s some message I was looking forward to and trust only from you 🙂 the ‘khadda’ thing brought a wide grin on my face 🙂

      YAY !!

  3. when i dont like some points the blogger has written, i definetley make sure that i write my views on that because each individual has got different views on particular subject. I think that is the way, the relationship gets strongers between bloggers.

    1. Yes and I totally respect different views..just because you and me are friends or regular readers at respective blog we need to agree with every single point written here…Of course we can have different views and respecting differences makes way for a dependable relationship 🙂

    1. I so know this 🙂 You are the first ever reader of my blog…Muuuaaah !! and you’re a sweetheart to say or do such things !

  4. I think some posts do leave us without much to say, nothing to add, or whatever we were going to say is already said in other comments, also, I read in my Reader, so I only hop over to the blog if I have something to say.

  5. By the way loved this post, posts about blogging are a lot of fun. And the cartoon is so apt !! I think I read blogs for more or less the same reason – I also love to read like-minded bloggers 🙂 And sometimes those who totally disagree just to see how they justify whatever they stand for 🙂

  6. Haa…I think the person who said that wanted to express herself/himself too much on every blog :mrgreen: Might be pissed off coz your posts left him/her speechless.

    I simply love to blog hop for all the reasons you said and of course it makes me happy when I get to interact with people.

    Ahem…shall I SOS that nasty person to fill in this third para for me??

  7. Some people are just stupid..and insensitive..

    But have the rest of us..and we like what you like..comment most of the times..and if we don’t you have your FIR ready..and we love you like that.. because anything else would not be Nu 😀 😀

    1. I agree to the stupidity and insensitivity thingie in general as well !

      Oh comfy dearest…I loved the way you expressed your feelings…You’re the best 🙂 🙂 HUGS

  8. Off lately I have become addicted to blogging and blogrolling..I think this is what i always wanted to my opinions and relate with the like minded people. Blogging has given me the opportunity to fulfill my desires and I am enjoying it 😀

    1. oh is it ? which comments you talking about ??? :(((( my blog is well fed by you all ..but see that means you need to come more often and feed more 😛

  9. But whoever said that … Booo! I cant type the whole long comment again 😛
    But, u know I will say whatever I want here .. agree or disagree, bcoz we r friends 😀

  10. I dont know abt the others but I find ur blog very informative and many times thought-provoking & ofcourse the fact that u write very well & its a pleasure to read u :-).
    Ooops have I overdone it….well cant do anything abt it coz I wrote exactly wht I felt 😀

    I may not be regular[as in reach here as & when u post] but please believe me when I say I’m not regular anywhere ;-/.

    As for the person u mentioned above…maybe she doesnt feel confident enough to argue or put her point of view across, so just puts wow & nice coz she knows anyother way she’ll show her ignorance.
    Yeah well I cd be wrong ofcourse. Again its just my opinion 🙂

    But in some way I sympathise with her coz most of ur posts presents the point of discussion & then all the answers too[get wht I mean???] & so she really cant think of anything intelligent to add…have u considered that???

    Either ways u come out smelling of roses 😀

    1. that’s such a lovely compliment I’ve received 🙂 Nancy thanks a ton lady 🙂 HUGS

      yeah I get the drift and I’ll see if I can do something about the questions and answers both in my posts 🙂

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