Often you come across people who want to like to dominate in whichever way they can. Dominate their friends or spouse or siblings.Whosoever they come across. Because that’s what flows in their blood. 

I hate it that way. Any body would dislike being treated like having no bran and spine and following someone blindly. But then there are these kind of people too who like to follow. Who think by following any ‘xyz’ person they are doing some good to themselves. I hate it this way too.
I don’t say following someone is bad or not good.Of course we have been taught by our elders to take all the good habits of people we meet with and shoo away the bad ones. But taking someone’s good habit isn’t following the person or is it ?
I had a friend in my b-school who used to just blindly follow what I used to do.I still remember when I had bought 5 subjects notebook the next day she had bought exactly the same type of notebook and audaciously showed it me saying that she also got it and added a lame smile ! Also, I have particular way of writing notes when in class and to my horror she used to compulsorily sit next to me..and she used to copy exactly the way I took down notes..even if that meant using black and blue balls pens for headings and asterisks. Somehow I tried and shooed her away in a polite manner and managed to grab a seat away from her !
This was still easy cause you were just to stay away from a person and that’s not possibly tough ! Ignoring can get a lot easier than running away from a relationship you are deeply involved into.
In the same batch, I became friends with another girl and we were like thick buddies in everything we did.Certainly that did not mean wearing same colour clothes and using same notebooks and opting for same subjects :P. But yes we used to rock as friends and were enough as a gang to enjoy with each other.We thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. But slowly then I realized that this girl was nothing but was lover or dominance ! She did everything for me by heart but in turn may be she expected that I follow her in whatever she does and thinks.
Instances like if we are discussing something in general…and I would say ‘wow,I just loved it’ snap came the reply that ‘oh please,that’s not the way people dress…that’s so shoddy..it should be this way’..another time..’nice pair..they look good together’..the reply to this ‘what did you like in the guy? He looks so lame..shheeh’…and then I realized..this friendship is not meant for me ! I’m better away from this…adding to this..I didn’t like her criticizing everyone and making this statement..’main hoti to aisa karti ya aisa nahi karti’ …
this ‘MAIN’ thing at least out me off and we certainly went far far away from each other by heart..which no one could understand why..for her it was always the richness,the class,the style and her opinion that mattered  ! And for me what matters is the person and respecting the differences..of course I’m not playing any saint here…I too don’t like that people disagree with but doesn’t mean I ask them to shut up and follow me totally..I always think that differences should be respected and that’s the only way to a healthy relationship… Individuality has to be given priority !
This ‘follow me‘ business is totally a no-no…I mean it’s a not a twitter or a blog to follow….it’s a relationship !! But alas.blogger calls it ‘follow‘ and the twitter calls it ‘follow me‘ !!
I’m sure you must have got these kind of a friends in your school or college or at work…hai na ?

14 thoughts on “‘Follow-me’

  1. I don't have any such stories (thank goodness!) but yes, I agree. Differences are to be respected, not made fun of or anything. And being a copy cat is a total no no. Me and my sisters do that to each other…copy each other just to annoy the other person, nothing serious. But that itself was enough of the copy cat action in my life :D…

  2. One..I knew and was friends with one such person. But never did know the depth of his "I am always right' till we passed out. Now I get to hear about him from friends whose life he makes miserable and can't believe that we all missed the real extreme person all those years in college.I am just glad, I got him out of my life when I understood what he was about..I am much better off without his friendship.

  3. I am not sure. i guess i was too involved with myself… or with a few others that i didnt notice. The ones that i was inovlved with..were like me ! So.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hello dear…hru…nice post…even i hate people having attitude of "follow Me' just coz they want to dominate and another they want their say in everything…

  5. this one girl in engg, used to get on my nerves by copying ALL my clothes, including the type, colour, the way it was stitched, sometimes the design on it too!

  6. I did not have anyone 'following' me. I guess we were too busy looking at others than following those days.But I know if someone did that, I would have been extremely irritated.

  7. Hahahaha .. Thank God I don't have such stories of someone following me to that extent.. but yes I have encountered people who want to stamp their opnion everywhere..even if no one gives a darn about them!LOL Totally understand your frame of mind.. just go with the flow :)Great post!PS: I follow u =P

  8. I know such people…one of my batchmates actually took the same subjects as me, then opted for the same college for graduation… and wait, it's not over yet…she went on to join the same company (after a month) that I joined!!! My father was particularly fond of her and he made sure that she knows what I have been doing…and lo and behold, she would do the same!!!

  9. Oh yeah, we find them everywhere! I remember writing about one such ex-colleague, and she used to read my blog. That's when I thought being an anon blogger would've been bliss.

  10. @T: ๏Š@Comfy: LOL..really a relief na !@Kavi: LOL ..at the way you expressed it ๏Š@Ro: Me good..tu sang..hows you doing ?@Celestial: My god..Copying so much is real pain in wrong places I say ! :P@Aparna: ๏Š@Firebolt: LOL..yeah you โ€˜followโ€™ me ๏Š@Psych Babbler: Exactly my point..whatโ€™s wrong the individual self !@Neha: God,that must be some real irritation for you !@Meg: Haha..anon blog !! But give it a damn..!!

  11. Hey Nu:Appreciate the following. Kind of you. In fact reading the title of this post, I thought it was about following a blog!!!Well, I have many stories of batchmates 'copying' me but I always thought 'Wow!!' I have become a celebrity now as everyone wants to be like me!!! So take it in your stride and brush it aside. Life is lovely to be spent worrying about blind copiers.So long.Joy always,Susan

  12. @Sus: ๐Ÿ™‚ That's a nice way to look at it :)@Renu: Hey welcome back after a gap ๐Ÿ™‚ I like that spirit..a leader always ๐Ÿ™‚

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