Anon Blog or Non-Anon ? edited

When I started bloggin for the first time it was like a thrill to even write one post and get a few comments on it. I used to publicize the blog amongst all my close buddies and the people in family on whom I can impose reading my blog :P..Yes initially it really was the case and it was like making people read the blog at the gun point :P..Few of curious friends did ask which blog..what’s the address and all that…so earlier my blog [Randomness] didn’t have a distinct identity and hence sometimes friends used to make fun of me saying that it’s not my blog because it doesn’t say like that anywhere 😦

Keeping this thing in mind I made it a bit more personalized where one can actually know that it’s my blog ! What all I did to make people believe and read my blog ! sheesh :P.

Okay the point here is now when I’ve matured [me thinks :P] in the whole blogging thing and that I know that it’s always better that people on their own will and wish read your blog and it’s about writing your thoughts and not necessarily making people read..I’ve started feeling that I should not have made my blog so much known in my friend circle or relatives for that matter.

You ask why ? I want to put so many things happening around that relates to these folks here…I can’t put them right away since they read it..if not regularly then at least once in a while..and you never know that once could be the time when I would have written about them..their life..even if I restrain myself from disclosing the exact details..they would still come to know!

Tell me what’s your take ? Is anonymous blog a better option or an non-anonymous ? What do you do when it comes to publishing something happening in your friends’ or relatives’ life ? Or because writing blogs is entirely an individual thing one can take liberty to write about something that one has observed around ?

Since we’re on ‘blogging’ do check this post by Nancy here


46 thoughts on “Anon Blog or Non-Anon ? edited

  1. That’s exactly what I had thought when I first decided to start a blog of my own. I gave it quite a lot of thought on the very same lines, here’s what I finally decided.

    Gossiping totally repels me, I might enjoy adding a naughty, spicy comment on rants once in a while but when it comes to sharing my own mood swings and what all goes on at my workplace etc, they were something I definitely didn’t wish to write about.

    Hence one problem was solved, but when the possible idea of people who know me personally would get to read my blog crossed my mind, hence I decided to opt to stay anonymous.
    I know it isn’t the best choice, but I don’t mind a pen name for the sake of peace of my mind.

    Wonderful post Nu, I think all bloggers think on these lines one day or the other 😀 😀

    1. yeah I think the thought process before hand could help..whether to be anon or not is to be decided right in the start 🙂 Girls you are so clear about it ! I’m J now 😛

  2. I have an anonymous blog.. No one that I know in real life, but for D knows I blog and he does not read my blog. Might glace through when I am writing a post and he is around but he does not read.

    And I kind of like it that way. I have the freedom to write about what I like..who I like..and I get to keep my identity and more so Buzz’s to myself for most parts. Infact right in the beginning I struggled a whole lot about a public blog vs a private one.

    If I did not want to have an anon blog it would be easy to publicize as you say, since I know of friends who do blog, and others who it is a matter of sending out one email. But as I said..I like it this way.. 🙂

    1. Guess what, my hubby too never reads my blog.

      He knows I write, he knows I write stories too, but once in a blue moon if he reads it, it is only something as short as 55 fiction.

      So I am more or less totally anonymous.

      I agree with Comfy, gaining readers as an anonymous blogger is definitely tough, and takes lot of patience.

      But I personally know many bloggers who not only use their real names and identity, but also share photographs of their day to day lives (with faces).

      If you are comfortable doing so, no harm 😀 😀

      I feel it totally depends on the niche of your blog.

      1. yeah..what I do with my personal stuff depends on me but what I do with other’s stories on my blog is what I need to think before writing in… 🙂

        My hubby reads my blogs..and he’s a regular one at that 🙂

  3. Oh I prefer an anonymous blog.. especially because you lose the freedom on writing freely if you know he/she would read them…

  4. Know what Nu? U just spoke all that hs been disturbing me a lot more from sday.
    When I started blogging, I told abt it to few of my friends. My family knows it, but thatz no harm @ all bcoz they r ppl who love me and take pride in every li’l thing I do. I cant even imagine the times when I might hv to crib abt them and even if I do, I know they wont mind 😛

    Okie .. so, when I started, I shared the url with 3 of my closest friends. One of them used to call me her best friend and always be with me in college, workplace! She did nt even know something like that existed before. And then, she asked me whether she cud write on my blog too. I ws sure I wanted it to be my space and did nt want to share it with anyone. She went ahead and started her own blog. And then she turned into a troll. I know a blog is not my property and anybody and everybody hs a right to blog 😛 Still, I am human too and it hurts me that a girl who came to know abt the same from me is pricking me bk so badly!
    What irks me more nw is that she can still read all the happenings in my life and God knows what she spreads around. Sort of makes me feel like moving elsewhere and letting those who read me [only them] know abt it. But then, I am so attached to this place and feel one stupid girl shud nt be able to dictate my life!

    Ranted away to glory 😛

    1. I can understand what you’re going through but as I’ve said before like others…don’t pay any heed to what that girl is doing..don’t let her be the reason for your you we too love your space and too much to go elsewhere to read 🙂 but yes if at all you move we will follow you elsewhere too…but shift because of one person ?

      think about us and brush it aside 🙂 It’s not worth your time and worry !

  5. Practically speaking its better to be anon……coz then u have the true freedom to write whatever u want.
    When I started out I did it with the intention of keeping in touch with people I KNOW but they were hardly interested :-S
    Thats when I reached to other bloggers like me & it was fun.
    Only gradually did I realise that going anonymous definitely had its own benefits but by then it was too late 😦

  6. At the moment I just wish the husband could entirely forget that I know how to log onto the net 😥 would have saved me a great deal of explanation for being lazy!!!

  7. Nu Nu Nu, you have given me the perfect platform to rant 🙂

    When I started blogging, happily I went ahead and became partly non-anon in the blog-world, which I have no issues about. I am happy to be known as Divya to my blog friends 🙂

    But when I started blogging, AB got happier than me, and went ahead and told all his friends I blog, gave them my URL and all(show off!). Now I don’t even know who all I know in real life and dont matter to me are reading my blog. I can’t even criticize some of them to my heart’s content and you all are missing on some really juicy stories 😛
    I dont want it. I want only those who are logged in WordPress or Blogspot to read my blog 😦

    PS: I have made AB feel miserable for his big mouth, no no – don’t you aww now…

  8. I think anon would have been a great thing to do. I realize i now. I am stalked by my In laws and many others. It is difficult to post things from one’s real life coz people recognize and well it loses its meaning all together.

    There are a lot of benefits and drawbacks on both sides but still one shud have some anon blog too.

  9. Well Nu thats something i have been thinking about too. Noone knows about my blog…The Tall One does know i blog…but not the url…i paste the blog i want him to read on a word doc and show him…What if i want to rant about him one day and he misunderstands what i mean to say…So much easier…

    At times it’s tempting to tell my friends, mom abt my blog…but as of now i have avoided the temptation…! So anon for me! …(Big mouth keep shut)

  10. I never shared my blog link with friends or family, so no one reads it. A couple of friends now know that I blog, but they don’t read it. And I like it that way. Gives me the freedom to rant and rave when I want, how I want.

      1. but now that I re-read your post, I don’t think it would matter to me either way. Even if friends/family know about my blog, I won’t mind much because I usually don’t write about anything else but my life. So even if they read it, it would be about me and so shouldn’t bother them much.

        But still, I prefer keeping it the way it is because I like it this way 🙂

        1. Yeah as long as it doesn’t matter fine…even I don’t mean to write about folks all the time but you know what I mean right..sometimes there are things you really want to put forward…but can’t since the blog is not anon :/

        2. Exactly T.. I don’t think it will matter much to me if family and friends find out because for most parts I write about Buzz or Travel.. nothing much anyone can find offensive about that..but I still prefer it this way..

          If people I know find the blog on their own and put two and two together no big shakes..but till them 😀

          1. you girls are so wise.. 😦 me thinks I should’ve been anon too..but now it’s too late…changing everything right from url is a heavy task at let it be ! 🙂

  11. I think it’s better to keep one’s blog discreet and not publicize it amongst close friends. That way we can have the liberty of writing freely and unrestricted and unfettered otherwise we might carry the risk of offending our friends inadvertently. It’s not always possible to keep oneself from not writing something. We write what we feel and words just come forth. It’s difficult to stifle them. And if you stifle them, it won’t be worth writing. It’s so nice to meet good and like minded people here. Getting a glimpse of their life and thoughts. It’s really rewarding to get to know people whom you’ve never met and still feel a telepathic sort of connection with them. How wonderful! Thanks to Matt Mullenweg(creator of WP) for bringing us together – from different spheres of life – and binding us with a common thread of blogging.

  12. I preferred Anon blog always. The other half knows about it and he reads once in while. I think I suck when it comes to publicizing things. The blog is meant for me and I want it to remain that way. After years in Blog world ; I am extra careful before hitting that publish button. I avoid to write about others because I think we are not entitled to share someone else’s life unless they permit us. If someone does that to me ; I might not like it. The thought of being openly accessible and the public domain always stays with me. The line between keeping life private and sharing it to world always matters to me.

  13. I prefer an anonymous blog. Unfortunately, I bragged about it to my friends and family and now my mum religiously follows my blog and my uncle reads it and a couple of friends and my sis. Which means I can’t write everything I would like to. MY mum even requested me to stop swearing in my blog! 😛 But yeah, I would definitely prefer it if no one I knew read it but that’s not the case/

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