Square feet

Off late the definition of house is something like this House = BIG house.

And the meaning of the word BIG is not less than-Living Room,Drawing Room,Kitchen,Store,Library,Master Bedroom,Kids’ Room,Guest Room,Maids’ Room,In-laws Room,Terrace Garden and the likes.

Yes, these are the bare minimum requirements of a house off late.You can easily see these in possession advertisements,rental spaces and when you talk to your friends / colleagues.Any where and everywhere you’ll find something like this as a description of a nice house.
Cut to older times.People used to live in small [meaning real small] houses with huge families.And no complains whatsoever.That time there were no rooms like the once I mentioned above. The idea of a house was where ‘people live happily ever after & together‘! There was no idea that these kind of houses were built.The only thing people knew and said and believed was Dil bada hona chahiye..Jagah apne aap ban jayegi.
Of course time changes and so our thinking and purchasing power. That’s what takes us to the next level which is =Gen X,Y and Z OR uplifted lifestyle OR raised living standards et al. 
No,nothing wrong in it.I know it all just gives us convenience and privacy.Gives us lot of space and if we can afford it so why not.
Just a thought..Is it really convenience or flaunting ? A matter of need or want ? Taking into consideration that we still are marching ahead with the concept of ‘nuclear families‘ even after BIG houses that we posses !


9 thoughts on “Square feet

  1. I think this is more about what has been sold to the current generation. And we have all bought in to it.. It seems we can't live without it all. And again we are the generation who wants it all. Who does not think twice before spending money on things like clothes and cars and house..even if we have to take loads of debt for it all. 😦

  2. As Meghana said, some people take it as progress..but i think that using anything more than we require is a crime, as then we are snatching it from someone somewhere in this world.

  3. Actually I thought it was the other way round. The grandparents lived life king size. They had a proper ancestral home with a garden with real fruit trees in their backyard. Now we have been confined to a '2 bedroom hall kitchen' pigeon hole. Where is the space that we require?

  4. Somehow we are moving more and more towards materialism.. A closet full of clothes is not enough, 32 inch plasma tv seems inadequate, a single car is not sufficient.. there is no end to the every growing list of stuff.. yet we are nearly not as happy as our parents used to be..

  5. I thought people had big houses in the old days, with a verandah, a field behind, the rich ones had a well, and the houses were very spacious. But we now live in apartments of buildings that look like and array of match-boxes… Even independent houses are quite cluttered no?

  6. For me, it's all about the people. Big or small, I dream of a home, made with love and togetherness. I may be sounding too idealistic, but that's me! Nothing like coming home, after a long and tiring day, to the comfort and coziness of your home with people you love!

  7. The world and the people in it are becoming more and more materialistic as days go by. It's not that we can't live like how people used to live 50 years ago, it's just that we choose not to. Because we can afford more luxuries and that's why the fine line between 'want' and 'need' is washing away faster thn ever.

  8. I guess, it all depends. It is fine to aspire for more as far as the aspirations do not consume us, you know.. I mean, I remember living in a tiny house, when we had just got married – and we had some wonderful wonderful times there. It never mattered to us that we were living in a small place – but we also aspired for something bigger.. But yes, I have also come across people who live beyond their means, all in an effort to appear more affluent than they were.. So I guess, big or small – it depends.. If we can afford a better quality of life – why not..

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