Mamta,Rahul,Anu and the likes

Remember these names ? Ever wondered where these people are ? Okay wait a minute..did you even guess who we are discussing here ? The Mamta Kulkarni,The Rahul Roy,The Anu Aggarwal and the likes…got it ? Ting tong…ghanti baji ?

Yesterday while surfing the channels I came across Star One showcasing ‘Naseeb‘..Of course I was not going to watch the movie 😛 but I paused for a second before I jumped to another channel…you know why? I saw Mamta…horrible..okay leave that aside..but I remembered her..and that she was around for some movies..but never seen or even heard about her later on…then I started thinking who else falls in the same category of ‘peep-and-hide’ ?

Rahul-okay he did a cameo through BIG BOSS 😛 [I’m saying cameo because again he is lost..look at Rahul Mahajan,Vindu,Ashutosh..they are still visible on the screens sometimes ]

Anu Aggarwal-God only knows what happened to her…

Aysha Jhukla ? Ashwini Bhave? Rinky Khanna? Harish [Prem Qaidi] ?

Who else do you think you can add to this list ?


23 thoughts on “Mamta,Rahul,Anu and the likes

  1. Who are some of these people?? I mean, I remember Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal (disliked both of them!) and Mamta Kulkarni and Ayesha Jhulka. But I have no clue about the others you have mentioned…

    1. oh she did sell that ? My gawd..last I saw her was in KKHH 🙂 Oh yes I’ve heard about Harish and his porn films 😛

      1. Well – u could maybe add a manisha koirala to the list…considering she was a “No 1” she was at one point of time…all u hear now are her about her drinking…

        Urmila, Sneha Ullal to follow suit?

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