Turn Ons :P

I might be some 8 years old when ‘Ashiqui’ got released.Now is 2010 and the songs still do the jig and cause that sweet heart ache when you listen to them.I’m sure even the least romantic person can also be moved with these songs.

Another sets of songs I love personally are from the movie ‘Dil hai ki manta nahi’ and ‘Phir teri kahani yaad aayi’…I won’t say those were days of songs and music…because it would be unfair to the older music and some newer music that is really good…and moreover the days have not passed..the music is still alive in our hearts and whenever we want we can tune into these songs…

Radio Mirchi has this old songs slot in the night and 90s not out..and yeah Cassette classics..I like all these segments a lot ! These songs do something to my mood.Some kind of uplift-ment…they are just so wow…And these slots bring back these songs which we might have kept aside on our hard-disks or CDs..and forget to listen…songs like ‘chehra kya dekhte ho..’ sounds good now..may be after so many years they sound good and we feel a novelty in them…

There is something or the other which really swings your mood to a lighter note..something that freshens you up..that turns your mood on..for me it’s music and dancing…and shopping…in the same order…what’s your turn on ? 🙂


18 thoughts on “Turn Ons :P

  1. Wow! You've been on a roll with posts these last few days. I remember thinking some years ago I knew I was getting old when they played songs from QSQT as 'classics'. =P Songs we grew up with. My turn on…nothing to do with music 😉

  2. @Comfy: Oh yes all these are great 'pick me ups'..and yes me too liked the song 'o piya piya..' though it wasn't my fav but I hummed it quiet often 🙂

  3. @PB: yeah and you've been missing on all my posts at both blogs 😦 QSQT !! love it till date 🙂 Ahem,Ahem..then what are yours ?

  4. I tune into these old songs while travelling back home and they are sure great to lift your mood! Old Songs and good books…my turn-ons!!! But I can never listen to music and read together…it has to be one at a time!

  5. I loved the songs from Dil hai ki manta nahi 🙂 I was in school and we all used to LOVE them 🙂 You brought back memories from school for me with this post!

  6. @Suffix: Oh why don't you understand the lyrics ?@Celestial: Watching elephants? Well,tell you what it brings smile on my face too..coz elephant symbolizes 'ganesh jee' and I totally love seeing elephants :)@Smiths: I'm glad you went down to memory lane through this 🙂

  7. Nice post! For me, its music, books and a good romantic comedy! :)Oh and the songs were all good na? So melodious! Particularly like Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi..

  8. My God! I don't believe this. I loved the songs of 'Ashiqui' as well. I used to listen to them so much and even older songs like 'Kabhi Kabhi,''Yaad aa rahi hai,' etc. There are so many.It's funny that whenever I listen to them, the snapshots from that time soak me with nostalgia. I go on and on with my memories. songs and smells do that to me always.Joy always,Susan

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