Living (the) Spirit

I did a “death” post today at my other blog ‘Utterances‘ and ‘celestialrays’ came up with a comment which made me think..

What if I turn out to be a ‘spirit’ aka ‘ghost’ after death..Hmm something like this would happen I guess:

  • I would visit my room..whenever I wished to and however I wish to…
  • I would blog and blog hop without any network / connection problem
  • I would know when the bloggers are hitting that publish button and I can be first at each blog πŸ˜›
  • I would know what’s brewing in people’s mind..
  • I won’t have to buy tickets to IPL,Movies,Plays..Aeroplanes..
  • I would be able to travel in any car I wish to at that moment
  • I  would be able to fly like a free bird..move across oceans..visit Swar,Comfy,Titaxy,Revs,Divi..all of you πŸ™‚

What fun, na !! But jokes apart..I would totally miss my loved ones..I would miss the feel of their touch..miss hugging them..taking my niece in my arms..So what if life’s sometimes too hard on us..we still have our loved ones around and God has been great to take us out from all our problems..then why think about the day when we would die…why not live in now..and enjoy har pal…pal pal !!

Stay Happy,Stay Healthy !


10 thoughts on “Living (the) Spirit

  1. Ohhh u will come and visit me .. hw sweeet :)And I shud be ready to entertain a spirit ..thanks for letting me know .. else, GoK what wud happen to me ;)U made my day Nuyi πŸ˜€

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