I’m enjoying,you ? ;)

Nothing like eating mangoes in summer. Yummy !! Even the mention of it water your mouth and makes you crave for mangoes instantly ? Right, ain’t I ?

Summers and Mangoes….almost synonymously used…Use the mango for making aamras,milkshake,eat it like that,make mango ice cream,ambya chi poli,..do what ever you want to do with it and it tastes great in all it’s form,right ?

Now imagine this..what if this mouth watering fruit is is at your finger tips all the time..nahi samjhe ? Meaning that you’ve your OWN mango tree at home ? Howzzat ? Heavenly know ?

Teasing Time[lol]:

I’m enjoying my summer by reading books,blogging, playing scrabble AND…. eating ghar ke aam…we’ve,by god’s grace,a mango tree which yields out 1000+ mangoes a year… Well, yes we are generous enough to distribute it to the neighbours and relatives too 🙂 aur kya..we are not ONIDA 😛

How are you enjoying [?] your summers apart from slogging err.. working in the office ? 😛


38 thoughts on “I’m enjoying,you ? ;)

  1. Hey kind hearted soul… kindly note down my address for sending the mangoes please ;p … Lucky you!!! … I love summers coz for somewhere there’s a zeal in the sun’s rays and feeling of watching love in the high colour mode 🙂 … not to forget the jackfruit too *goes in a trance* ;p …

    Oh btw.. Am first!

    1. oh the postal services are not to be trusted in case of mangoes 😛 so why don’t you come home and we have ‘aamras’ party ?

      YAY,you’re first 🙂

      1. And there – first ever in the history of Indian Summer a girl starts a marathon run from kolkata to Mumbai…. the soothing aamras luring her … (oh please add somne Glucon D too ;p)1

  2. Oh had to tell you this… had logged on groggy eyed so had missed the seperator (comma) on the header of the post reading it to be – “I’m enjoying you” … need I say why my pace towards your blog fastened??? ;p!

  3. Yahaan pe bhi..eak jagah dekh ke..muinh mein paani enough nahien tha..??..

    I am coming over..and am not moving till the Mango season is over..no matter what you do or say.. Got it..OK then..mein aayi..

    1. LOL..sweetie…come over quickly…waiting for you…and bring buzzie with you 🙂 without her no entry !!

      *wondering what will D do these 2 months 😛 *

  4. Hehe… We own Mango treeS at home! 6-7 of them!!! 😛 Actually, not we, really but my naani’s.. But I would get to eat as much as I please. And now that I am away, my mom got them for me… a carton full of those yellow temptations. 🙂

  5. Jealous, jealous and very jealous!
    I am not talking to you now 😦

    Poking fun of people who have to slog in office! Not fair 😦

  6. Mangoes – well I am not so crazy about them but I quite like them..and now that you are done making us jealous – it’s my turn..

    I am going to haji ali today or tomorrow to have Mango Cream 😀

  7. you are making me envious, Nu. We don’t get nice mangoes here, not like the ones we get in India and it’s been so many years since I had a good one. Sigh. Enjoy your mangoes missy!

  8. Mangoes + Jackfruit = summer. I absolutely love mangoes. I also like raw baby mangoes- sour and tangy 🙂 So many stories are connected with them. Once we’d stolen them climbing over wall and getting on the branches!! Once upon time I too had a mango tree in the backyard. The mangoes were so sweet!! I think they were the sweetest in the world(no offence to your mangoes :)) I am now so sad and nostalgic. Your post reminded me of all those things. And Nu one post a day! having a difficult time keeping up with you. Apart from making us jealous, you are making life all the more difficult. heheh 😛

    1. Yeah I get the drift..having your own mango tree or for that matter any fruit/vegetable plant is an awesome feeling 🙂

      Yeah,can’t help..one post a day…though I never plan them..they just come along like that 🙂

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